Program Remotes Series 3 Promatic

Info Sheet: ABi024.1
Please make sure the door is set to operate automatically before resetting (see Manual and
Automatic operation info sheet)

1. Turn off the main power supply to the operator at the plug socket.

2. Slide off the connection panel cover and ensure all dip switches are set to the
‘off’ position.

3. Turn the power back on while holding down the ‘T’ button on the underside
of the operator. Wait for the red LED button to flash before releasing the

4. The door type is set to sectional by default. To change the door type see INFO

5. Press and release the ‘T’ button. The courtesy light should flash and the door
should now move into the open position and then continue to move into the
closed and open position a number of times to automatically set the doors
open and closed limits.

6. Once the door has come to a stop the limits should be fully reset.

7. Any dip switch programming will need to be set up again.

Please note: This procedure does not erase any devices (hand transmitters, keypads etc) that
are coded into the unit. These should still operate the door.