Program Remotes Series 3 Promatic
Info Sheet: ABi027
It is only possible to set DIP switch 1 if the operator is not ‘taught in’. If you change the DIP switch on a taught-in operator, an error (flashing 8 ×) will display when trying to operate the door.

Reset the door (see abi024.1_series_4_reset_promatic)

For sectional type door leave DIP switch 1 OFF
For other door types:
Set DIP switch 1 to the ON position. Press and release the ‘T’ button to set the desired
number of red flashes as follows.

DIP 1 Switch OFF
OFF N/A Sectional
ON 1 x RED Up and Over
ON 2 x RED Side Sliding Long Soft Stop
ON 3 x RED Side Sliding Short Soft Stop
ON 4 x RED Horizontal Garage Door
Once the door type is selected press the ‘P’ button to set.
Continue with teaching in the limits for the operator.