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RK Door Systems

Utilising their industry-leading German technology, RK Door Systems has truly developed a range of entrance doors that are the very best in class for security, insulation and style.

About RK Door Systems’ entrance doors

Contemporary, premium quality, aluminium front doors
All their models have PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design accreditations as standard, so when choosing an RK product, homeowners can feel completely safe in knowing that their families and homes are fully protected. The protection doesn’t stop there, either. With U-values from 0.95 right down to just 0.67, amazing thermal performance is guaranteed to shield you from outdoor temperatures irrespective of which level of insulation you opt for. In terms of design, we really believe the doors speak for themselves, and therefore recommend having a further scroll down the page to get an idea of what’s possible. A vast array of finishes are available, including timber, ceramic and specialist metallic options, meaning the possibilities are endless.

A family business with over 25 years’ experience, RK Door Systems’ head office is in Truro, Cornwall, and they also have showrooms in Hertford, Swindon and Crawley. With the team here at ABi Doors serving much of the North of England, we’re delighted to be their exclusive Yorkshire supplier.

Our RK Door Systems range

We’re proud to offer the entire RK Door Systems range, which (as you’ll see below) really does have something for everyone. All doors can additionally be made as a matching pair, so why not go the extra mile and achieve an elegant, stately appearance with unique double leaf doors?

Entre Range


Dedicated to delivering style and performance whilst still offering exceptional value for money, the Entré range is comprised of a stunning selection of 65mm aluminium doors. This is the perfect line for the cost-conscious homeowners who demand premium quality.

Pivot Doors


In moving the hinges from the side of your front door inwards towards the centre, with pivot doors you’re left with an uninterrupted view on either side of your frame. What this does is provide the ultimate design to create an unparalleled entrance.

Glass Doors Range


A real head-turner, the Glass Line range features models that are designed to include a coloured pane of glass on the outside of the door. This creates a reflective depth that just exudes style.

Smart Line Range


To say the Smart Line is about pushing boundaries would be an understatement. These doors were developed to reflect the modern world’s most ambitious designs, and as such, the models are all boldness personified.

Future Line Range


The Future Line promises to never leave you out in the dark. This range is based around exclusive LED lighting, which can be placed in the door glazing, handles and threshold.

Art Line Range


Put simply, every single door in the aptly named Art Line is a masterpiece. Despite there being some daring designs in the range, RK somehow manages to strike the perfect balance. The curvatures and 3D layering create these subtle, sophisticated looks that aren’t replicated anywhere else on the market.

Classic Line


You’d be forgiven for thinking that RK are just a manufacturer that specialises in the unconventional, but after seeing the Classic Line, you’ll realise that’s absolutely not the case. The doors in this range offer an enduring simplicity yet are still built with the company’s ubiquitous care and attention to detail.

Vintage Line


If you’re after a door with the look of the past but the performance of the future, look no further than the Vintage Line. The models in this range tick all the boxes and deliver a similar feel of timeless elegance to those in RK’s Classic Line.


Why invest in RK Door Systems

RK Door Systems have created a stunning range of aluminium entrance doors using the latest German technology. Not only is the door highly secure and insulated, its built to last. What sets RK apart from the rest, is the amount of options for the consumer, you can build any bespoke style of door you can imagine.

Why Invest
RK Door Systems Benefits

Benefits of choosing RK Door Systems

RK Door Systems offer some of the best aluminium door products on the market, you can’t go wrong with an RK aluminium entrance door.

Visually stunning designs
Silky smooth finishes
Secure and reliable
Bespoke designs – If you can dream it, we can create it
Highly insulated products

Our door brands

We have spent a long time sourcing the best suppliers in the industry to provide hassle free high quality products. Other brands we use are Hormann for steel, aluminium and Endurance timber core composite doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

About RK Door Systems’ front doors

Why should I choose a door made by RK Door Systems?

Your entrance door isn’t just the main entry point to your home, but it’s also a huge focal point of the exterior of your property. With this in mind, most customers we deal with tend to place security and style right at the forefront of their minds when looking for a new model. Thanks to their PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design certifications and unbeatable choice of designs, we’d be hard pushed to find you a manufacturer that was a safer bet than RK Door Systems.

What kinds of technology do these doors have?

In addition to them being able to be linked with home smart systems, many of RK Door Systems’ doors can be used with fingerprint door entry by ekey, who are known as the number one in Europe for fingerprint access solutions. This is much more secure than using a key that can easily be lost or stolen, and as the system requires a swipe of the finger as opposed to just a touch, no fingerprints are ever left on the scanner.

Do you have a price list for your RK Door Systems products?

Due to the sheer number of designs, accessories and combinations, we don’t have a specified RK Door Systems price list. We do, however, offer free site surveys, which is where we visit you and take the time to measure up and talk through yours and your family’s requirements. This enables us to provide an accurate quote for the full project.

Can I add accessories like a cat flap and my house number and name to the door

If it can be made then RK can make it, so the answer’s yes! They can include a cat flap, letter box, etc., and they have a range of options for personalising your door with your house number and name. These can be etched into the glass panel in the door, for instance, or inserted into the face of the actual door.

Which RK Door Systems door is best for me?

This is an impossible question to answer without seeing your property, but rest assured, there is an RK model for everyone. As outlined in this video, their Chief Designer took inspiration from the way we express ourselves with the clothes we wear and how we decorate our homes, and subsequently sought to replicate this with the designs of the entrance doors he’s created. At the survey stage, we’d be in a better position to advise you on which type of design would suit your home the best.

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Find out more information on our door products such as colours, designs and hardware options through our brochure section.

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We’re accredited with CERTASS so you don’t have to worry, your installation is guaranteed. CERTASS is a trade body which regulates the industry to comply with building regulations.

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We have dedicated doors showroom based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, you are more than welcome to visit and we will be more than happy to demonstrate our products and answer any questions you may have.

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