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Category Archives: Garage Doors Trade News

Contemporary Architecture in Harrogate. ABi work with Swan Lane Developments on their exclusive modern apartments

Swan Lane Developments Garage Doors Harrogate

Being a North Yorkshire Spa town, Harrogate has an ancient history and features many fine examples of architecture, including a Grade I listed building. So here at ABi we were intrigued when we were approached by Swan Lane Developments to work with them on an apartment construction that featured a very contemporary aesthetic.
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Hormann Updates September 2015

Insulated Double-Leaf Side Hinged Garage Doors

Hormann Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors

Hörmann have updated their range of double –leaf side hinged doors. The doors are now supplied preassembled as one unit instead of three separate pieces. Hörmann have also updated the hinges on these doors and all double-leaf side hinged doors are now supplied with flag hinges as opposed to barrel hinges.
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Innovative uses for garage doors

The Black Box NSW by Tina Tziallas Architecture Studio

Although the garage door is almost always used in conjunction with a garage, occasionally they can be used in other architectural arrangements.

Australian Designers have been looking at ways in which they can limit the feel of interior and exterior environments. Traditionally a bi-fold door or a sliding door may have been used, but more commonly these designers have found the garage door to be superior due to the unprecedented use of space they offer.

Below, ABi have looked at some examples where the traditional window or door has been replaced with a garage door.
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A History of Hörmann Garage Doors

Hormann RollMatic History

Hörmann Garage Doors are in the process of celebrating 80 years of trading. In that time they have changed the way people think about their garage doors, improved the style and implemented technology into the opening and closing process.

Below we have a look at their history and discover why they have become one of the most recognisable garage door manufacturers in the world.
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Hormann release new products

Hörmann has recently announced a range of new garage door products as part of a major reshuffle in pricing and product structure.

The new products will add to the already large range of domestic garage doors in the UK, as they continue to hold a dominant market presence. Some of their new products are listed below:
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Property development in Farsley may lead to Garage Door Opportunities

Dozens of new homes are expected to be built off the ring road in West Leeds, after proposals were given the green light.

70 new homes in a field off Calverley Lane in Farsley have been planned, which is in addition to the planned Kirklees Knoll development, where over 400 homes are also being built. Both projects are expected to attract over 1500 people to Leeds.
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New homes in Leeds may lead to new garage door opportunnities

The city of Leeds is to see an unparalleled level of building work over the next 15 years. 70,000 homes are to be built in the city to address a critical housing shortage.

The development is all part of the cities initiative to create a better future and by taking advantage of scheduled projects like HS2, will pave the way for huge economic growth in Leeds.
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