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Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are visually stunning and have hinges on the top and bottom of the door as opposed to the sides, with a huge amount of styles, colours, finishes and door accessories to choose from, you can create the perfect entrance to your home.

About our pivot doors

The ultimate entrance statement
As an exclusive supplier of RK Door Systems’ products, we’re proud to be able to offer their entire range of aluminium pivot doors. As outlined underneath the ‘our range’ heading below, the prestigious pivot door style is available for all their door designs, with the added benefit that the pivot mechanism can accommodate doors of up to 2m wide x 4m high in a single panel. With all this, a U-value of just 0.72 and PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design security accreditations as standard, what’s not to love?!

How a pivot door works

Unlike a regular entrance door (where the hinges are placed on the side), pivot doors’ hinges are situated on the top and bottom of the door, enabling them to rotate on a vertical axis. What you’re left with is an uninterrupted view of both sides of your door, which creates a really unique and contemporary look and feel. Despite the grand appearance of these types of doors, the actual technology is pretty simple and it goes back many centuries. Early versions of the pivot door were found in the ancient city of Persepolis in modern Iran.

Pivot Doors
Pivot Door Benefits

Benefits of pivot doors

There are many benefits of incorporating a pivot door into your home. We’ll summarise these briefly below:

The beautiful, elegant door movement creates the ultimate entrance statement

Due to the way they operate, pivot doors can be made much larger than regular front doors

As pivot doors are supported at the head and base, they tend to be more stable than the side hinges used on traditional doors

The fact that the doors open via a pivot rather than by swinging means that they don’t take up as much space as hinged doors

Because you open pivot doors by simply walking through them and letting the door fall shut behind you, they have optimal ease of use, even when your hands are full

Want to let the outside in? It’s easy to set your pivot doors at a 90-degree angle to create an inviting feel

Our range of RK Door Systems pivot doors

RK Door Systems are known for their huge range of designs, which makes it all the more impressive that every single one of these can be upgraded to a pivot door. Here are their main product lines:

Entre Range


With style, performance and unparalleled value for money, this is the perfect range for cost-conscious homeowners that don’t want to compromise on quality.

Pivot Doors


This contemporary range is comprised of some of the highest performing doors in Europe, and the choice of extras, colours and finishes is simply stunning.

Glass Doors Range


Designed to include a coloured pane of glass on the outer face of the door, these models will make a spectacular impression on any home.

Smart Line Range


A range that was developed to reflect the more ambitious designs of the modern world, the Smart Line is boldness personified.

Future Line Range


Thanks to exclusive LED lighting that’s embedded in the door glazing, handles or threshold, with the Future Line, you have complete control.

Art Line Range


From ceramic and bronze to wood effect, RK’s Art Line finds harmony in the creative mixing and matching of colours and finishes.

Classic Line


Here you have a synchronicity of simplicity and style in a range of timeless designs that can future-proof the entrance to your home.

Vintage Line


If you’re looking for a traditional appearance without skimping on performance, the Vintage Line ticks all the boxes.


Frequently Asked Questions

About pivot doors

Why should I choose a pivot door for my home?

A pivot door is guaranteed to be a real statement piece, and as such, it’s bound to boost your kerb appeal tenfold. Our models are also stable, easy to use and can be made to be much larger than traditional entrance doors. We really believe the range speaks for itself, so we’d recommend having a browse through our images and the official RK Door Systems brochure.

How secure are RK’s pivot doors?

Security is placed right at the forefront of every single pivot door in the RK Door Systems range. Manufactured from premium German components, all models feature full PAS24:2016 and Secured by Design security certifications as standard. This means you have the ultimate levels of protection from outside elements and unwanted intruders.

Do these pivot doors have any smart technology?

With finger scan and smart home opening available, RK’s pivot doors have all the up-to-date technology that you’d expect from such a premium product.

What colour options do I have to choose from?

RK has a wide range of standard colours to choose from, and for those who want a truly custom door, many more special colours and finishes are available at an extra cost. To use an example, they even offer a unique planked door that gives a true timber look without all the maintenance that’s associated with actual timber doors.

Do you have a price list for your pivot doors?

Due to the seemingly unlimited number of design options and combinations, we unfortunately don’t have a definitive price list for RK Door Systems’ pivot doors. We do, however, provide free home surveys to all customers, and we’d be able to give you an exact quote once we know your measurements and what yours and your family’s requirements are.

Pivot Door FAQ
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