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Sectional Garage Doors

Explore our range of sectional doors for your home, offering high levels of insulation and security, available in a huge range of colours and designs.

Everything you need to know

Why choose a sectional garage door?

With numerous brands of sectional garage doors to choose from, how do you select the best brand for your next project? First, we need to understand how a sectional door is constructed. Sectional garage doors are typically crafted from galvanized steel, aluminium, or timber. They are manufactured in factories worldwide using precision equipment to ensure quality, safety, and smooth operation. Galvanized steel sectional doors consist of insulated PU foam-filled panels surrounded by galvanized steel with a thickness of 42mm or 67mm, providing insulation, strength, and durability. Timber or wooden sectional garage doors are created using traditional methods and high quality hardwood, such as Cedar. They often incorporate the door mechanisms of a galvanized steel sectional garage door. Aluminium frame or glass sectional garage doors feature a 42mm thick aluminium frame with glazed inserts that allow better ventilation and natural light to enter your garage.

Types of sectional garage door

Garage door sectionals come in a variety of types, with something for everyone. Whatever your style and budget, we’ll help find your perfect match. In our collection, you’ll find:

Electric Sectional Garage Doors


These retract at the touch of a button, so it’s easier than ever to get into your space. Ideal for quick access and parking your car, you’ll never go back once you get an electric door.

Insulated Sectional Doors


More people than ever are choosing to have insulated sectional garage doors, which are robust, thermal efficient and even with acoustic benefits.

Steel Sectional Doors


Brands like Hörmann offer steel sectional garage doors. Steel is an exceptionally strong material and holds up to frequent use, rust and even impacts.

Wooden Sectional Doors


Through names like Cedar Doors, we can create your dream timber garage door. Eternally stylish and known for their strength and weather resistance, they make a solid choice.

How a sectional garage door works

Sectional garage doors slide vertically on a track system without swinging outward like up and over garage doors. They are balanced with torsion springs, positioned at the front, sides, or back of the door depending on the garage’s headroom. The door panels are hinged onto the tracks using roller wheels, enabling smooth movement up and down the tracks.

A compression seal is located at the bottom of the door, with additional seals around the sides and top for weather protection.

Sectional Door Benefits

Benefits of a sectional garage door

There’s lots to love about garage door sectionals at ABi. These doors come with some great benefits that offer real value for money. Here’s what you can expect.

Space-saving, easy to use and super secure
Available insulated to benefit your home’s thermal footprint
A huge range of colours, styles and glazing to choose from
The highest level of thermal, weather and acoustic protection
Park right up to the door and get full width and height for storage
Add value and kerb appeal to your property

Sectional garage door brands

We only supply and fit garage sectional doors from top brands. These include:

Hormann Partner Standard
Cedar Doors
Garador Sectional
Carteck Doors

Designing your sectional door

Creating the perfect door for your home

What Colours Can I Choose From?

Sectional garage doors are available in white as standard. You can choose from a range of standard colours, such as anthracite grey, black, green, cream, and brown, for example. If you require a specific RAL or Farrow and Ball colour, we can provide the door in any colour of your choosing.

What About My Design Options and Finishes?

The sectional garage door offers versatility in design options. Choose from a set of standard designs, including small, medium, large modern double ribbed panels, or opt for a traditional Georgian style design. You can also select from smooth, woodgrain, or textured grain finishes.

Choose between manual or electric

Sectional doors can be either manual or electric; the choice is entirely yours. You can also install an electric motor for your garage door at a later date. For larger double sized garages, it is advisable to have an electric motor installed, as manually lifting a heavy door can be cumbersome. Electric sectional doors come with remote controls as standard and do not require an outside handle.

Glazing Options

Choose between a range of clear and frosted windows to add more light into your garage.

Handle Options

All sectional garage doors come with a black handle as standard, other handles such as brushed steel, brass, brown and aluminium white are also available.

Optional Extras

You have a great range of optional extras available, including handles, fingerprint screens, wall push buttons, various types of remote controls, and smart home apps.

Roller Brochure

Sectional Brochures

Discover more technical information, styles, designs and door accessories through our sectional garage door brochures.

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Useful Information

Everything you need to know

Installation Process

Sectional garage doors can be installed either within the opening or behind it. Ideally, the door should be installed behind the opening to maximise the drive-through width. If there is insufficient space behind the opening, the door would be fitted within the opening.

Existing Frame

All new garage doors come with a steel frame. Older doors traditionally used a wooden frame, which is susceptible to rot. During the installation process, the wooden frame will be removed and replaced with a steel frame.

Installation Time

The time required for installing a sectional garage door varies depending on factors like the number of doors, the construction of the garage, and any necessary alterations to the existing structure. Installation can take anywhere from half a day to two full days.

Are Sectional Garage Doors Weatherproof?

Sectional garage doors are not designed to be completely watertight. While they have seals to prevent wind-driven debris and water from entering the garage, they cannot provide absolute protection. Optional extras, such as floor seals, can further help prevent water ingress.


Not all garages can accommodate sectional garage doors. For instance, prefabricated concrete garages often lack the space required for the gear necessary to operate and function these doors.

How Do I Operate My Sectional Door in an Emergency?

All garage doors are required by law to have an emergency release to gain entry into the garage if there is no other access point. All our doors come with an emergency release as standard, unless there is another means of accessing the garage, such as a side door.

What Is the Best Branded Sectional Door?

Hormann’s sectional garage doors are hard to beat, with years of experience in manufacturing high quality doors using the latest technology and rigorous testing. Hormann sectional garage doors are the best when it comes to durability, functionality and longevity, as well as being very secure.

Cedar is the best solution for wooden sectional garage doors, using traditional methods by hand and sourcing from a sustainable forest the doors are hard to beat. Especially since the type of wood they use is cedar, which is very good for insulation and durability, as well as containing natural oils to deter insects.

Garador shares similarities to Hörmann and offers a great high quality sectional garage door with security and durability in mind. With a huge range of options to choose from you can’t go wrong when buying a branded Garador sectional door.

CarTeck is another well known manufacturer in the sectional door industry and also offers a great range of sectional doors to choose from, they have a very good reputation and have been around for a long time.

Can I Paint My Sectional Door?

Sectional garage doors are finished to a high standard and have a long lasting paint finish that requires very little maintenance. If you wish to paint your garage door at a later date, you can purchase paint specifically designed for garage doors.

What Required Headroom Do I Need?

Sectional doors can fit in-between or behind the opening. They can be a standard size or made to measure, for an additional cost.

Sectional doors are available with two types of gear packs; standard and low headroom. Low headroom gear is useful when fitting in-between the opening or when limited head room is available.

Fitting Behind the Opening
Side Room Required: 100mm (each side)
Head Room Required (Low Headroom Gear): 100mm
Head Room Required (Standard Headroom Gear): 200mm
Extra Headroom Required for an Operator: 20mm

Fitting In-Between the Opening
When fitting in-between, the masonry opening must be equal to the width and height of the door
plus an additional 100mm each side and above to accommodate for the frame.
The operator can fit behind the lintel and requires headroom of 20mm.

Track Distance
The distance the tracks travel back into the garage
Low Headroom Gear: Height of the door plus 750mm
Standard Headroom Gear: Height of the door plus 510mm

The operator and accompanying boon travels 3200mm back into the garage in the centre of the door. Ideally a 13A RCD protected plug socket would be situated on the ceiling, 3250mm/3500mm (m boom) back and in the centre.

What Happens to My Old Sectional Door?

We will take your old sectional door away and recycle the door at no extra cost.

Why Buy a Sectional Door from ABi?

We work with the best suppliers and installers to create a seamless experience for our customers and offer the quality and value you deserve. Our specialist team has received extensive training to safely measure, deliver, and install your garage door, including training in health and safety, working at heights, and asbestos awareness for older properties. Additionally, we have received industry accolades, from CERTASS certification to Which? Trusted Trader status and membership in the Door & Hardware Federation. Try us – you won’t be disappointed!

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Sectional articles
+ View our article written by us on ‘Why choose a sectional garage door?’.

+ Find inspiration for your next project through our sectional door gallery.

Sectional Door Types

Energy efficient, secure and minimal maintenance required

Sectional doors are available in steel, timber or insulated with a PU-foam and finished in a powdered coated paint. Steel sectional doors are easy to maintain and require very little maintenance, timber doors require more maintenance to keep the wood from rotting over time. The doors are available up to a 67mm thickness depending on what type of door you choose. With high levels of insulation and weather seals across the door they offer great levels of security and help keep your garage warm and dry during the colder months.

Sectional doors with windows

Adding windows to your garage door allows more light into your garage, especially if you’re using the garage as a workshop, the windows also adds an extra elemenet of style to the outside of your sectional door.

Sectional doors with pedestrian access

Sectional garage doors with access through a door within the sectional panels are commonly known as sectional wicket doors. The doors allow you to access the garage through a door without opening the garage door fully, but you also have the option to open it fully to gain access to the garage.

Aluminium frame or glass sectional garage doors

Aluminium frame glass sectional garage doors offer a modern design which allows for more light and better ventilation into your garage and are becoming an increasingly popular choice for restaurants as well as homes.

Double garage with single width sectional doors

In certain scenarios you may want two single garage doors on a double width garage, whether your converting your double garage into two single width garage door openings or want to replace your existing external sectional doors, we can help.

Double sectional garage doors

Double sectional doors come in a huge range of colours and designs, it’s recommended an electric motor is used with a double garage door because of the weight of the door when trying to lift the door manually.

Medium ribbed door panel designs

Medium ribbed sectional door panels also known as centre ribbed design depending on the manufacturer have an extra line running through the middle of each panel to create the appearance of more panels from the outside, the design is versatile and matches any garage or home.

Large ribbed door panel designs

Large ribbed sectional doors are also known as a solid design depending on the manufacturer, they consist of four panels depending on the height of the garage and suited to a modern styled property but equally can look great on any type of garage.

Georgian door panel designs

Gerogian sectional doors are also known as S Panel depending on the manufacturer, they provide a classic style and look great on cottages or traditional properties.

Matching doors

Enhance your home with a matching composite, steel or aluminium front door to complement your sectional garage door and create a stunning entrance to your property.