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Up and Over Garage Doors
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Up and Over Garage Doors

We supply and install all types of garage doors, including steel and timber doors. Choose from hundreds of designs and colours to create the perfect garage door for your home

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Up and Over garage doors first started to appear around the same time that motor cars were becoming popular. Also known as ‘one piece’ or ‘single panel’ garage doors, their construction and mechanisms have been refined over the years, but they still operate and function in pretty much the same way. There is a good reason for this, and that is because they work very well. They offer high levels of security and are very reliable.

Popular Up and Over Designs

Up and Over doors are available in a number of construction materials including steel, timber and GRP (fibre-glass). Take a look at our most popular designs below.

Up and Over Colour Options

All our steel up and over garage doors are available in white as standard. We have a range of standard colour options below, if you have a specific colour in mind, don’t worry we can match any RAL colour.

Safe, Secure and Long Lasting

Hormann’s german engineered up and over garage doors are galvanised with a high quality polyester powder coating which makes the door very resistant against harsh conditions and maintains a pristine finish for a long time. All the parts are stress tested under real life conditions, cover protections included to keep your hands safe and the door opens and closes very easily.

Up and Over Key Features

Key Features

Maintenance Free
    • Up and over garage doors are galvanised with a high quality polyester powder coating which makes the door highly resistant against harsh weather conditions.
    • Secure 2 point locking and optional 4 point locking is available.
    • The doors have protective covers to keep your hands safe and anti fall safe guards to prevent the door from closing shut due to a failure.
Long Lasting
    • High quality parts and a paint finish that lasts for a very long time that doesn’t require repainting.
    • Hormann’s operators are designed with speed & safety in mind, allowing you to easy access your garage door with ease.
Emergency Release
    • In case there is no other way into the garage we will install a manual release to access the garage in case of an emergency.
Sectional Brochure

Up and Over Brochure

Discover more technical information, styles, designs and door accessories through Hormann’s up and over garage door brochure below.

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Raising Standards, Advancing Safety

We’re members of the Door & Hardware Federation and comply with the latest advice on safety and standards.

Reasons to Choose Hormann’s Up and Over Door

Hormann’s up and over garage doors are secure, reliable, reasonably priced and comply with the European safety standard 13241 – 1. The paint finish is durable and will last a long time without the need to repaint the door in years to come. All the moving parts are stress tested in real life conditions and are manufactured from high quality materials. We also have decade’s worth of experience installing garage doors throughout the Yorkshire region.

Canopy or Retractable?

There are two types of Up and Over Garage Door gear available; canopy and retractable. Canopy door gear does not have any tracks going back into the garage and roughly one third of the door protrudes out from the opening when the door is in the open position forming a ‘canopy’ A retractable Up and Over door retracts fully into the opening on tracks that run back into the garage.

Up and Over Canopy or Retractable

Explore our range of up and over garage doors

Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements, primarily carbon, and has been used since antiquity. It is widely used in construction and other applications because of its strength and low cost. These properties make it an ideal material to use in the construction of garage doors.

Timber garage doors are durable and long lasting, they’re usually made of Cedar wood, which is versatile softwood and has a good weight ratio. You have the option of either the door being finished or unfinished, these doors do require yearly maintenance.

Find inspiration through our gallery and discover all the types of designs and colour finishes you can achieve when designing your new up and over garage door to complement your home. Don’t forget to browse the other galleries for other garage door types.