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Hörmann Garage Doors

When you think of garage doors, what’s the first company that comes to mind? It’s likely to be Hörmann, a leading name in Europe and one of our most trusted brands. Hörmann’s impressive products are designed and made in their specialist factories, with a focus on endurance, energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly practices. Established in Leicester in 1979 by August Hörmann, the company is still run by the family today, with locations in countries including the Netherlands, Germany and the USA.

Hormann Garage Doors
Why Choose Hörmann Doors?

Why Choose Hörmann?

As a UK-based, family-run company ourselves, we like to support others. And Hörmann is one of the most popular and prestigious garage door brands, not just here, but across Europe and even in the US. Their products offer fantastic quality, value and style – and everything is considered, from security to appearance and functionality. We know you’ll find a Hörmann garage door you’ll love in our range.

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Leading Supplier of Garage Doors

Hörmann has cemented its position as Europe’s leading garage door supplier through a commitment to several key principles. Innovation is at the forefront, ensuring they constantly develop new and improved products. They prioritise sustainability, keeping environmental responsibility a core value. Hörmann also uses only the highest quality materials, guaranteeing the durability and reliability of their garage doors. Finally, they integrate cutting-edge technology into all their products.
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Hörmann Up and Over Garage Doors

It couldn’t be easier to access your space with these garage doors from Hörmann, where the entire panel lifts and sits in the roof space. One of the most enduring styles, Hörmann have 50 years’ experience in crafting these and there’s a huge variety to choose from. Make the most of:

Door styles that vary from horizontal and vertical panelling to chevron designs, glazing and timber and steel materials

In-built safety features to prevent trapping or squashing

Cushioned, gap-free closing action

Rotary catch lock to prevent forced entry

Hormann Up and Over Doors
Hörmann sectional garage doors
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Hörmann Sectional Garage Doors

These doors roll upwards and sit flat in your roof space, creating space inside the garage and at the front. They come in a range of colours, plus styles like timber and steel. Main features include:

Weather-prevention seals on every side and an anti-corrosion ‘shoe’ for the bottom seal

A thermal insulated double-skin for greater energy efficiency

In-built anti-lift kit to prevent forced opening

Latching function to keep the door secure even if the power fails

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Hörmann Roller Garage Doors

This popular choice involves a rolling system that’s stored just inside the garage opening inside a barrel casing, maximising not only your garage space, but your roof space, too. You can also make use of extra headroom. These doors feature:

Smooth, quiet movement whether opening or closing

Secure, break-in resistant locking

Insulated aluminium laths

Emergency release handle – to open the door manually in emergencies

Hörmann roller garage doors
Hörmann Side Sliding Garage Doors
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Hörmann Side Sliding Garage Doors

Instead of opening over your head, these garage doors open to the side. This again maximises that roof space. Known for their smooth running, stability and thermal insulation, there are plenty of other features and benefits to discover:

Safe, precise access thanks to twin rollers and a rounded floor rail

Safety-cut out that prevents trapped fingers, vehicle damage and other problems and injuries

Partial opening to allow quick access, with automatic settings

Insulated panels and weather prevention seals

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Hörmann Aluminium Frame Garage Doors

Beautifully elegant, ideal for spaces that need light and ventilation, and perfect for glazing, these doors make a striking, modern addition to your garage. Available in styles such as perforated, mesh and grille, this style even comes insulated as standard.
Hörmann Aluminium Frame Garage Doors
Hörmann side hinged garage doors
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Hörmann Side Hinged Garage Doors

Featuring a double-door design that opens outwards, the side-hinged option is a smart choice for renovating older, smaller spaces and means you can access your garage through one or both doors. Features include:

Door stay stability mechanism to prevent the door wobbling or closing in bad weather

Profile cylinder lock to prevent break-ins and lock the door in various positions

Thermal insulation as standard

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Hörmann Garage Side Doors

Hörmann can also supply one of these to fit your needs, matching the colour, style and glazing of your garage door. It’s a great way to finish off your project and give your house that ‘wow’ factor.

Hörmann garage side doors


What technology has Hörmann developed?
Hormann came on the scene just after up and over garage doors were invented in the ’50s and sectionals in the ’60s. Hormann’s products have championed technology like automatic sliding operation, perimeter protection and fire-rated and smoke-tight assembly – revolutionising doors for both homes and businesses.
How much are garage doors from Hörmann?
With so much to decide on, the best way to price up your new garage door is to get in touch with our team to arrange a home visit or fine-tune an existing quote. Our team will be happy to help!
Which is the best Hörmann garage door to choose?
Again, there’s a lot to decide on here. For example, do you want something high-tech and integrated with your home security system? Do you need to access a small space more efficiently? Do you want to have the option of using your roof space? Whatever it is, our ABi garage door experts can guide you better.
How is a Hörmann garage door fitted?
As Hörmann garage door suppliers, we can fit your product with ease. Our highly-trained technicians have specialist training and NVQ qualifications to ensure they’re able to handle working at heights, and are aware of asbestos and other health and safety concerns. ABi is a Which? Trusted Trader, member of the Door & Hardware Federation and CERTASS certified for your glazing too.