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Hormann technical quick list

Hormann Technical Quick List

Hormann Operator Instructions

Please see below for a list of video and pdf technical instructions for Hormann Series 2 and 3 ProMatic and SupraMatic operators, you can find out the series and name of your automated system by locating the Hormann operator inside your garage and the series and name will be stated on the operator.
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New Hörmann products unveiled at the National Homebuilding Show

National Homebuilding Show Hormann
The world of garage doors never stands still, with new products constantly being developed, tested and released. Part of our job here at ABi Garage Doors is to keep an eye on the latest innovations, so that we can continue to offer our customers the best products from the best manufacturers.
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Contemporary Architecture in Harrogate. ABi work with Swan Lane Developments on their exclusive modern apartments

Swan Lane Developments Garage Doors Harrogate

Being a North Yorkshire Spa town, Harrogate has an ancient history and features many fine examples of architecture, including a Grade I listed building. So here at ABi we were intrigued when we were approached by Swan Lane Developments to work with them on an apartment construction that featured a very contemporary aesthetic.
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Development in Leeds – what’s coming up in 2017?

Development in Leeds - what’s coming up in 2017?
With our head office based in Leeds, ABi Garage Doors are always interested to see what’s happening in the city – especially when it comes to building and development, as it kind of relates to our own industry! After a successful 2016, it seems that Leeds is set for another great year in 2017, with plenty of planned developments to help us become an even better city than before.
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ABi Garage Doors in TV spotlight on ‘Restoration Man’

ABi Garage Doors Feature on Restoration Man TV Show
Imagine for a moment a 46 foot tall water tower in a rural setting. Now imagine turning that tower into a dream home full of modern fixtures and fittings. Well that’s exactly what Majid and Carol Nadry did – and the journey of their incredible work on the Walton Head Water Tower has now been featured on Channel 4’s hit TV show, The Restoration Man… and we were lucky enough to be part of the project!
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Checking out the latest Hörmann Garage Doors at the IMHX show

Hormann IMHX Show
As some of you will already know, we’ve been working with leading garage door manufacturer Hörmann for many years now, and we’re proud to offer their high quality products to our customers across Yorkshire. It’s always nice to have the chance to take a sneaky peek at their new products and to have a chat with their staff, so we sent Luke and James along to the recent International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) at Birmingham’s NEC to show their support and take a look around…
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The UK’s Housing Crisis

The UK’s Housing Crisis

The Barker Review of Housing Supply

In March 2004 the Barker Review of Housing Supply published its final report. The report was authored by economist Kate Barker and detailed a number of recommendations based on some very thorough and excellent analysis. One of the recommendations was that the UK needed to build around 250,000 new homes every year to prevent spiralling house prices and a shortage of affordable homes. A line in the report’s Foreword reads: ‘A weak supply of housing contributes to macroeconomic instability, and hinders labour market flexibility, constraining economic growth’.
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How to set up the Hörmann CTV 1 and CTV3 Digital Keypads

Hormann CTV Keypad

Info Sheet: ABi019 – How to set up the Hörmann CTV 1 and CTV3 Digital Keypads

The Hörmann CTV keypads are digital external keypads that allow a user to open and close their garage door (or any device that accepts a volt free relay impulse) using a 3 – 5 digit pin number.

The CTV1 has a single relay output and can control a single device and the CTV3 has 3 relay outputs, although only 2 can be used as direct control relays with the third relay providing additional options for the Hörmann automation systems. In this article we will focus on the direct control aspect of the devices and demonstrate setting up the units to open and close your garage door. Both the CTV1 and CTV3 are supplied with an external keypad and an internal control unit. The external keypad comes complete with a fixed cable of 5m. This can be shortened or extended up to 20m.
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Extending above the garage – increase the value of your property by up to 20%.

Thermo46 Steel Entrance Door

Converting the space above your garage can increase the value of your property by up to 20%. In terms of ‘adding value’ it is often one of the most cost effective solutions, as a lot of the structural work is already there and you usually don’t need to dig any new foundations. The mark of a property is often judged in bedrooms and increasing the count from three to four can often provide surprising jumps in value, particularly if it involves adding another en suite bathroom at the same time.
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