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Side Sliding Garage Doors

Sliding garage doors make access to your garage much easier with its partial opening settings or alternatively opening the door fully. The doors also save space by sliding around the corner on tracks, available in a great range of colours, designs and finishes.

About our side sliding garage doors

Get quick and easy access to your space

For over 30 years, our team has helped homes up and down the country install garage doors that look smart, boost security and help you make the most of your garage space. Our side sliding garage doors are a popular design type with our customers, and suit a wide variety of garages.

How side sliding garage doors work

With a side sliding garage door, special tracks are built into the side of your garage to allow the door to retract around the corner and along the wall. This means there’s no need to navigate swinging doors that open and close, as it all fits neatly into the room. And, with partitions available, you’ll be able to store boxes right up to the track. One of the other benefits to this type of door is you won’t lose any of that roof or head space, either.

Side Sliding Doors Operate
Side Sliding Doors Benefits

Benefits of side sliding garage doors

Our customers love this kind of door, and so will you. It’s a versatile option that suits many sizes of garage, and lets you get the best use out of your space. Plus, there are lots of added benefits you may not even be aware of.

Manual or automatic operation available
Partial open function for pedestrian access
42mm thick, to allow for thermal efficiency
Safe, secure and long-lasting
No maintenance needed
Wide variety of colours and finishes

Our side sliding garage door brands

Our round the corner garage doors come from one of the leading manufacturers: Hörmann. With an impressive, long history in the sector and known for their expertise and quality, Hörmann’s products are truly second to none. With a round the corner garage door from Hörmann, you can expect speed, safety and security, with: Certified RC2 anti-lift mechanism, guarding against forced entry attempts, Stress testing and safety testing that meet European standard 13241, Emergency release mechanism to get in or out of your garage in an emergency. What’s more, Hörmann manufactures all their own parts (and even those for other brands), bringing German engineering expertise to your home. And best of all, you’ll have access across the width and height of your space to make it even more practical.

Frequently Asked Questions

About sliding garage doors

Why choose a garage sliding door

If you want to make the most of your garage, a side sliding option could be ideal. That’s because they move easily on rails, storing neatly at the side of your room. You’re then able to store right up to the door – and into the head space, too. Plus, you can get an automated side sliding door, so you won’t even have to lift a finger when you want to get in or out of your garage.

Can I get an insulated garage sliding door?

Our side sliding doors are insulated – which is great news for your home’s energy efficiency. You’ll have a cool space in summer, and a warm room in winter – so problems like damp are much less likely and you could even use your garage as an additional room (for instance, a home gym or office).

What about garage sliding doors costs?

The price of horizontal sliding garage doors does vary, and that’s because things like accessories, finishes and automation can add to the cost. And, of course, not every garage is the same size – so the more panels you need, the more you’ll need to spend. The good news is that our experts can help calculate what your new sliding garage door will cost, as well as advising on other products that you could consider.

Do you offer manual garage sliding doors?

Of course. That’s because not everyone will want an automatic option and of course, adding that element to your door also adds to the price you’ll pay. Manual garage sliding doors are still easy to open and close, but the benefit to automated ones is they do this by themselves, and can even be programmed to open to a specific width to a person in or out without the need to open the entire garage.

Why choose ABi for my horizontal sliding garage door?

When it comes to your money, you’ll want to feel confident it’s being taken care of and you’ll see the best quality and value. WIth ABi, we imagine ourselves in your shoes and make the kinds of recommendations we’d give our own friends and family. In fact, we’re entirely family-run. Customer service is something we take very seriously, and it’s why we invest so much in our installation team, too. You’ll have NVQ technicians carry out your work, with each trained in areas like working at heights, asbestos awareness and health and safety. And for your warranties and guarantees, we’re members of the DHF, are CERTASS certified and are proud Which? Trusted Traders.

Sliding Doors FAQ
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Side Sliding Door Types

Types of side sliding garage doors

Sliding garage doors come in a few different varieties, so it’s important to pick the right one for you. Our experts are happy to advise on what fits your space, budget and requirements. Here’s more about them.

Manual: These open and close manually, but are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. They can be a more budget option for your garage.

Automatic: With an automatic sliding garage door, you can enter or exit at the touch of a button and even programme them to partially open for pedestrian access.

Wooden: Did you know you can choose a finish for your sliding garage door? Hörmann offers several grain effects that mimic the natural qualities of materials like sand, timber and slate – yet are strong and durable.