Program Remotes Series 3 Promatic
Info Sheet: ABi026
Please make sure the door is set to operate automatically before resetting (see Manual and
Automatic operation info sheet)

1. Press and release the program ā€˜Pā€™ button once. The light will start to flash RED slowly.
(Please Note: If you press the program button twice the red light will flash in a
pattern of 2 flashes and this will code a hand transmitter into the light function, not
full open)

2. With the hand transmitter near the head unit, Press and hold a button on the hand
transmitter (the one which you want to operate the door) until the LED flashes RED
and BLUE.

3. The red light on the ProMatic will now start to flash quickly. Keep the button held
down on the hand transmitter for 5 more seconds and release. The red light on the
head unit will revert back to flashing slowly.

4. To complete the procedure wait until the red light on the promatic stops flashing and
shows a solid light.

The process is now complete and the hand transmitter should now activate the operator.