Electric Garage Door History
The Bolton Gate company was founded in 1924 and was based at Turton Street in Bolton.
Bolton Gate were primarily an engineering and fabrication company who specialised in the manufacture of collapsible gates, shutter doors, overhead garage doors and leather partition doors. They became a private company in 1930 and by 1961 they had a workforce of over 300 employees.

Bolton Gate manufactured the ‘Bolton Berry’ – a retractable up and over garage door and the ‘Bolton Georgian’ which was a nine panel Georgian style door also using retractable door gear. Bolton Gate also distributed the ‘Filuma’ sectional overhead door. The Filuma doors originated in Canada and the United States and from the early 1970’s to the late 1980’s were branded as ‘Bolton Filuma’ in the UK. There were two types of Filuma doors available. A translucent fibreglass model which was available in a range of tinted colours and a stipple finish aluminium model.

During the late 1980’s the domestic garage door range was taken over by the Apex company who continued to manufacture and supply both Bolton’s Berry and Georgian style garage doors and the Filuma overhead sectional doors.

Here at ABi garage door repairs we have a long history of repairing and maintaining garage doors. We regularly repair both current and obsolete manufacturer’s doors, including Bolton Gate, Apex and Filuma.

The supply of spares for the original Bolton doors is now limited to a small range of items such as Lock Handles, Filuma Cables, Cones and Cables and some roller spindles. Parts such as springs, and lifting gear related items can prove very difficult to get hold of. However, we still come across Bolton Gate doors that are in good working order and with a little care and attention there is no reason that they should not continue to work safely for many years.
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