Reusing your garage door for decorative purposes

Reusing your garage door
Reusing doors and garage doors in home environments, such as for tables is not a new phenomenon, but the use of garage doors instead of traditional windows in house is beginning to take off. Last month, we shared an article about innovative uses for garage doors and here we look at some more creative ideas to create stunning landscape views.

What we know

It has been reported that more homeowners are taking traditional or utilitarian home features such as doors and windows and revolutionising them using some creative flair. The garage door has been used as interior room dividers, exterior walls and even for tables and desks.

What do the experts think?

The Director of Marketing for Entrematic, Vickie Lents said: “Many homeowners are opening their homes to the great outdoors by using garage doors instead of sliding glass doors. Garage doors make such a statement when incorporated into home designs. There’s instant intrigue and excitement when guests see them. “The doors are practical in function and offer the ‘wow factor’ that homeowners want.”

What we think

We know that garage doors are starting to be used for a range of different applications, however 99% of our work provided garage doors is for their usual and traditional application. We are interested to see how garage doors are being used in other creative ways however as this could lead to further opportunities in the future.

What do you think?

With all this talk about using a garage door differently, can you think of anyways in which you may use a garage door, rather than a traditional item, to add creative flair to your home?