Hormann Updates September 2015
Insulated Double-Leaf Side Hinged Garage Doors

Hormann Insulated Side Hinged Garage Doors
Hörmann have updated their range of double –leaf side hinged doors. The doors are now supplied preassembled as one unit instead of three separate pieces. Hörmann have also updated the hinges on these doors and all double-leaf side hinged doors are now supplied with flag hinges as opposed to barrel hinges.

Steel Entrance Doors

Hormann Steel Entrance Doors
Building on the success of their range of steel entrance doors Hörmann have now introduced two new designs to the range. The 800 and 810 designs feature four square windows with stainless steel surrounds and sand blasted glazing details. Hörmann have also introduced more glazing options for entrance door side elements. It is now possible to order side element glazing with sand blasting options that match design elements on their entrance doors.

Fully Automatic Locking

Hormann Fully Automatic Locking
Hörmann have now updated the locking options on their steel entrance door range to incorporate fully automatic locking, a feature that was previously only available on their reassuringly expensive range of Aluminium entrance doors. This means that the full multiple point locking mechanism can be activated remotely with a range of options including hand transmitters, fingerprint scanners and transponders.

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