ABi Garage Doors Wakefield install an Overlap trackless sectional garage door

ABi Garage Doors Wakefield Install Overlap Trackless Sectional Garage Door
ABi Garage Doors have recently installed an Overlap trackless sectional garage door for a domestic client in Wakefield to allow them fully utilise their garage space as a workshop.

The Brief

The homeowner had carried out extensive research via the internet on a wide range of different garage doors and felt that the Overlap Door, with its trackless system, would possibly give them the additional garage space they required. They then contacted ABi Garage Doors Wakefield to discuss their options in more detail and provide a full site survey. ABi’s technical sales manager, James, visited the property and conducted a thorough survey to ensure that the garage structure was suitable for this type of product. Overlap doors have no tracks or door gear running back into the garage so all the doors counterbalance systems are contained in the frame structure. Whilst this provides a very neat and space saving solution it does mean that the frame is heavier than a standard garage door and so the garage structure needs to accommodate this.

Our Solution

After discussing all the options with the customer and surveying the garage property we agreed that the Overlap trackless sectional door would be the ideal solution. Overlap doors work in a similar way to a traditional insulated sectional door; they have the very best levels of thermal and sound insulation, which would allow the customer to work comfortably in his workshop garage throughout the whole year, however, their unique trackless design has a number of advantages. In this particular scenario, having no tracks going back into the garage would allow more workshop space for the customer. An Overlap door would also provide a higher drive through space for larger vehicles and unobstructed storage space inside the garage.
Overlap doors are available in a full range of styles, colours and finishes and for this particular project the customer decided that a medium ribbed door with its modern contemporary style and feel would complement the aesthetics of the property. This door was also a much better option than the existing up and over garage door which the customer had used on his garage for a number of years. It provided little if any insulation, limited his working space and its appearance showed the scars of natural wear and tear. Featuring Silvelox’s unique Silmotion operator technology, the garage door can be opened and closed at the touch of a button. It also uses a counter balance weight system as opposed to standard spring mechanisms providing higher levels of reliability.

The Installation

Overlap doors are a fairly recent innovation in the garage door industry and although their trackless operation is slightly different to a traditional sectional type garage door they are installed in a very similar way. The existing up and over door and frame were removed and the new Overlap garage door was installed and commissioned in a single day. For more information on Overlap trackless doors or a full range of garage doors and entrance door solutions why not contact a member of our dedicated and friendly team at ABi Garage Doors Wakefield.
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