West Yorkshire Police warning to protect your garages

West Yorkshire Police Garage Doors
West Yorkshire Police recently launched their Darker Nights Anti Burglary Campaign. The campaign highlights the tactics that burglars use and reminds people of the simple steps we can all take to improve our home security and deter burglars from targeting our homes. Often overlooked, a garage door is an integral part of any homes security and there are a number of steps that can be taken to improve the security of your garage door.

What is the problem?

Despite your garage often storing very valuable items, many homeowners neglect or forget to check the security of their garage door. Checking your garage door security regularly and taking appropriate measures to ensure your garage is protected will ensure that your items are safe during the day and night. As a result, ABi Garage Doors are urging all homeowners to check their garage doors as soon as possible, looking for issues such as the door failing to close correctly or defects on the door. Take a look at West Yorkshire Police’s video discussing the security of garages below.

What you can do

You can make simple adjustments to the security of your door yourself, by adding new padlocks or checking existing ones. You should also ensure that any handles and locks are in good working condition. Even if your garage door is secure, it is important to remember that criminals are opportunistic and if you leave your garage door open and pop inside the house they may strike. Just changing how you close the door and making sure it is always locked could help deter potential criminals. You can also look at ways to improve security within other parts of your garage and ABi Garage Doors are happy to help. Methods include adding censored security lighting, having a safe within your garage for your most valuable items or adding a garage door alarm. For more information on how ABi Garage Doors can provide support to homeowners in Leeds, York, Wakefield and Huddersfield, please call one of our team.