Transfering the code to a Hormann HSE 4 BS hand transmitter

Info Sheet: ABi011.1 – Transfering the code from an existing HSE 4 BiSecur transmitter to a new BiSecur transmitter
Series 3 Hand Transmitters

Please note: To transfer the code from one hand transmitter to another, the signal strength needs to be very strong. This means the units need to be very close together and have a good battery power.

The procedure is more reliable if the receiving transmitter is on the left hand side, ideally in direct contact with the sending / existing transmitter, with their tops level (see image below).

Transferring the code from a BiSecur hand transmitter to a BiSecur hand transmitter

Hormann HSE 4 BS Transfer Code Example
(Please be aware this will activate your device / garage door!)

1. Press and hold the button on your existing hand transmitter (which has the code you want to transfer.)
The LED will illuminate constantly then start to flash red and blue, keep the button pressed down until the code has been successfully transferred.

2. Once the first hand transmitter has started to flash red and blue, press and hold the button on the hand transmitter which is to receive the code. The LED will flash blue slowly for a few seconds then flash quickly for a few seconds, and then stop with no illumination.

Please note: On later edition transmitters, when receiving a code, the LED will show solid blue for a couple of seconds before flashing blue slowly for a few seconds then flashing quickly for a few seconds, and then stopping with no illumination.

The code has now been transferred. You can continue this process to transfer the code to different buttons.