Three Different Design Appearances for a Hormann RollMatic Garage Door

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The appearance of a garage door is always a major selling point to the consumer. It needs to look good and conform to current window colours and designs. Now however, looking good doesn’t need to restrict its ability to provide other additional benefits.

Hörmann have three appearances for their RollMatic which includes insulation, glazing and ventilation. Below we look at the three types of popular appearances and how they can be used to provide greater benefits within your property:

Thermal Insulation

A standard option is the thermally insulated profile. The smooth surface is easy to clean due to its high-quality coating and looks very modern, particularly in a white or silver finish. The good level of thermal insulation is achieved using polyurethane rigid foam. This is then compacted into the hollow space of the profile evenly and also gives for a quieter door movement sound.

Additional Glazing

If you are looking to get additional daylight into your garage which might be beneficial if you spend a lot of time working out there, glazing elements can be added. This is achieved by using synthetic panes which are arranged along the width of the profile, with a maximum of ten glazings allowed on each door. Often only one of the profiles has glazing, sometimes at the bottom or the middle. This option is available with insulated profiles only so additional benefits include heat retention.

Ventilation Grilles

If your garage requires more ventilation, then in the same way glazing panes are added, ventilation grilles can also be installed. This can be particularly important if you wish to keep your garage at a particular internal climate temperature or wish to reduce the growth of mould. These are made from long-lasting plastic and again arranged across the width with a maximum of ten on each door.

Depending on the application of your garage, one of these options may be much better than the other. If you would like advice as you are unsure which type of appearance to go for, or would like to see how they look in real life, please visit our Leeds showroom or call us.