Ideal Garage Door Sizes

The question ‘what are the ideal garage door sizes’ is one that we are frequently asked by people who plan on building a new garage, so we thought that we’d try and answer all of your questions related to door size in a single article.

For a number of years now, the standard height for a garage door has been 2134mm (7 feet) and the standard width 2438mm (8 feet) if accommodating a single car, but as an increasing number of people are driving taller 4×4 and crossover vehicles, many now require larger door openings to accommodate them. Those wishing to park two cars in their garage might need a garage door that is around 4877mm wide.

Finding a Garage Door for your specific needs is not a problem as ABi can now provide bespoke garage doors at very little extra cost. There is no reason to compromise, especially considering that that garage doors can now last as long as 20 years, so it is very important to get it right. Yet of course, different types of garage doors have their own characteristics that affect available space in the following ways:

Both Roller Shutter and Sectional Garage Doors are best fitted to the inside face of the opening in order to maximise the height and width when the door is open, as well as being by far the easiest place to install the door itself and the mechanism. Always be sure to bear in mind the size of the tracks and side guides, in addition to the headroom that you require, as maximum sizes vary from one manufacturer to another.

In the case of up-and-over doors, the position at which you install the door makes very little difference to the amount of space that you have inside the garage and the choice largely comes down to aesthetic sensibilities of the garage owner. The main downside with an up-and-over door is that you lose driveway space due to the door needing space to swing out and upwards in the opening process.

Side Hinged Garage Doors are available in standard sizes and we offer purpose-made doors in steel or timber, as well as in insulated, double-skinned versions.

In essence, the size of the garage door you choose will depend on your specific requirements. Whatever your needs, if you live in Leeds and need a garage door, we are certain to be able to supply a garage door that is right for you. To discuss what size garage door you may need, please call now to speak to one of our team of experts.