Hormann Sectional Garage Doors accredited by Secure by Design

A number of garage doors in the renowned Hörmann range have been certified with ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation with immediate effect.

This includes all of the LPU, EPU and LTH Sectional Garage Doors that come equipped with Series 3 BiSecur, SupraMatic or ProMatic electric operators.

What does the Secured by Design accreditation mean?

The phrase ‘Secured by Design’ is the name given to an initiative started by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO), with the intention of reducing crime through design ingenuity.

What does this mean for those wishing to purchase any of these Hormann products from ABi?

Nothing in the sense that our customers will still be getting the same high level of quality and security that Hörmann have consistently been delivering for many years now. The accreditation has continued to recognise German TUV testing as the benchmark for industrial testing and certification in Germany. This means that Hörmann have not been required to alter their products in any way and as a result our customers will not have to pay any extra costs.

If you buy a Hörmann sectional doors, you will buying the only such product to be Secured by Design in the UK, meaning that the Hörmann brand is your assurance that your sectional doors will keep your garage secure. For more information, get in touch with ABi Garage Doors Leeds now.