Erasing codes From a Hormann Supramatic Operator

Erasing codes from a Hormann Supramatic Operator
Info Sheet: ABi007 – Erasing Codes From a Hormann Supramatic Operator
Supramatic BiSecur Series 3

1. Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button until the menu displays ’00’

2. Press and release the up arrow to move up through the menu until you reach menu ’40’

3. Now press and hold down the PRG button – ’40’ will start to flash then flash quicker with a dot in the bottom right ’40.’

4. You can now release the PRG button

5. Use the down arrow to move back down to menu ’00’

6. Press the PRG button.

The display should now show a horizontal line to indicate the position of the door and no hand transmitters should now activate the operator.

Video demonstrating procedure