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Reset a BiSecur hand transmitter – Erasing and resetting all the codes to 128bit mode and replacing batteries

To reset a BiSecur hand transmitter erasing and resetting all the codes to 128bit mode

1. Remove the battery for 10 seconds.

2. Press and hold one of the buttons on the hand transmitter and re-insert the battery (and the battery cover for the HS1 BS / HS4 BS/ HS5 BS).

3. The LED will start a series of flashes –

Blue flashing – slow for 4 seconds, fast for 2 seconds, on solid for a short time.

4. Release the button as soon as the series of blue flashes has finished. Do not continue to hold the button through the red series of flashes as this will reset the transmitter into 40 bit mode.

The hand transmitter is now in 128 bit mode all the code for each button are reset. The LED will illiminate BLUE when the buttons are pressed.

Replacing / Removing Batteries

The Hormann HS1 BS, HS4 BS and HS5 BS have a removable battery cover that is unlocked and locked by turning.

The HSE2 BS has a removable black cover that needs to be prised off with the use of a small screwdriver or tool.

Hormann BiSecur Reset Hand Transmitters

Video demonstrating procedure

More information

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