Cardale Cable Repairs for your Garage Door. You can purchase Cardale CD Porfessional Pulleys from our dedicated store.

Cardale Fitting instructions for Replacement of CD Professional Pulleys

Important Notice : If access is limited – i.e clearance less than 150mm (6″) above door lintel & less than 100mm (4″) at the end of spring shaft, it will be necessary to take down the door prior to commencing the pulley replacement.


1 CD Professional Pulley – L/H (Red)
1 CD Professional Pulley – R/H (Black)
1 Fitting Instruction Manual
1 Roll Pin 5/32″ x 7/8″ BZP
1 04 X 50mm Retaining ‘Split’ Pin

Tools Required;

1 22mm Open Ended Spanner
1 Pair of Pliers
1 Posi-drive screwdriver (L-shaped)
1 4mm Pin Punch
1 Hammer
1 Step Ladder

Safety Notes: – The spring is under tension. Follow instructions carefully to avoid any personal injury;
– Wear protective gloves
– Wear eye protection
-Two people may be required for this operation

Recovery Instructions
If the door is jammed in a partially open condition refer to recovery instructions in envelope on rear of the door.

Fitting Instructions

1.) Ensure grub-screws in tension-er are fully tightened, opening door slightly to reach rear-facing grub screw.

2.) Hold the R/H Pulley with the spanner and by turning upwards, align holes in spring anchor bush and spring shaft. Insert retaining pin fully into hole and remove spanner.

3.) Open door slightly, enough (approx. 10 – 15 degrees) to securely ‘wedge’ open with suitable (approx. 6″ high) packing, enabling the lift cables to become slack.

4.) Remove the cable retainer from the pulley to be replaced by unscrewing the fixing screw located on the inner of the spring mounting bracket, using an L-shaped small posi-drive screwdriver.

5.) Note the number of cable turns wound onto the pulley before tapping out the roll pin from the pulley using a 4mm pin punch and hammer.

6.) Tap the offending pulley off the end of the spring shaft before loosening the retaining screw and removing the cable.

7.) Refit cable onto replacement pulley, ensuring the previously noted number of turns are re-wound and the cable sits in the correct pulleys grooves, and secure by tightening the retaining screw. If the spring tension is released with the cable out of alignment the pulleys may be damaged and the door will not lift correctly.

8.) Rotate pulley until the hole lines up with the hole in the spring shaft and tap the pin back into place.

9.) Remove the packing from under the door and allow the door to return to the fully closed position, with latches engaged.

10.) To release spring tension, grip R/H pulley with spanner and ease upwards until the retaining pin can be removed. Allow spanner to rotate downwards slowly until the spring tension is re-taken by cables.

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