P C Henderson Ltd was a British company founded in 1921 by Percy C. Henderson. Initially manufacturing hay carriers and sliding door gear for the agricultural sector, they went on to develop their Dolphin and Merlin Steel range of garage doors in the 1950’s. Sales of these new steel garage doors proved to be very popular as the more traditional timber doors, which were the common type of garage door installed at the time, were becoming more and more expensive. Henderson went on to refine their designs and a large number of their garage doors were installed throughout the UK in the following years. Unfortunately, Henderson stopped manufacturing domestic garage doors in 2008 but a large number of their doors are still in operation. We are often called out to repair Henderson Garage doors which are over 20 years old, which is a testament to the quality of their product and Percy’s original vision.

Unfortunately Henderson no longer manufacture spare parts for garage doors but here at ABi we have sourced a number of suppliers that can manufacture and supply most of the replacement parts for Henderson garage doors going back to their early Dolphin and Merlin doors. We also recondition and keep parts we recover from old doors we replace. Henderson also manufactured a number of automation systems over the years and although a lot of the hand transmitters are now obsolete, we can supply some of the more recent transmitters or even replace the receiver on some of the older models which allows us to supply you with new compatible hand transmitters.

A well maintained garage door can often operate quite happily for well over 30 years. You may find that the odd roller or spring will need replacing but with a little attention and lubrication the mechanism should continue to operate safely and smoothly.

ABi Garage Door repairs have many years of experience repairing Henderson Garage Doors and with access to a full range of parts we can usually have an old Henderson garage door running like new in no time at all.