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  • Steel Up and Over Garage Doors

Steel Up and Over Garage Doors

Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements, primarily carbon, and has been used since antiquity. It is widely used in construction and other applications because of its strength and low cost. These properties make it an ideal material to use in the construction of garage doors, providing a robust, durable, secure and cost effective solution.

Steel up and over garage doors first started to become widely available in the 1970’s though their production techniques and the available styles and finishes have evolved quite a bit in recent years, with new designs, colours and timber effect ‘foil’ finishes now available.
Steel up and over garage doors are usually supplied with a factory fitted steel frame and are available in either standard or made to measure sizes. They provide a cost effective and attractive solution that requires very little maintenance.

View Hormann Steel Series 2000 Up and Over Doors.

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