Property development in Farsley may lead to Garage Door Opportunities

Farsley New Property Development
Dozens of new homes are expected to be built off the ring road in West Leeds, after proposals were given the green light.

70 new homes in a field off Calverley Lane in Farsley have been planned, which is in addition to the planned Kirklees Knoll development, where over 400 homes are also being built. Both projects are expected to attract over 1500 people to Leeds.

This is exciting news for companies such as ABi and other local tradesmen, as the project could lead to opportunities to provide a wide range of building and property services to the developers.

ABi has worked with a number of local building and construction companies in the last 30 years, providing a wide range of up & over, sectional and roller garage doors. As a result, we understand the pressures that come with building large housing developments and can work around any tight schedules.

The building work will also see improvements to the current traffic congestion on the ring road, with the development of the major roundabout that is used as a route to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Commenting on the development, ABi Director Luke Pierce added, “Developments like this represent great opportunities for local tradesmen such as kitchen companies, roofers, plumbers, electricians and of course garage door companies. Over the last six months in particular we have seen a significant increase in the number of new housing projects, which is great for us and for the local economy”

Local councillor Peter Gruen, executive board member said: “It’s welcoming to see a range of housing development coming forward to meet the growing demand in our city, particularly significant investment targeting affordable, quality homes for key workers.

Fellow Councillor Jim McKenna, was also pleased saying “We’re pleased that the developer has taken on board the comments we’ve made during the planning process. Today’s application is much improved and more acceptable.
“It’s good to see this vacant Brownfield site being revitalised with a positive future after suffering from anti-social behaviour. The mix of residential types proposed will help provide a sustainable community.

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