New homes in Leeds may lead to new garage door opportunnities

Garage Door Opportunnities in Leeds

The city of Leeds is to see an unparalleled level of building work over the next 15 years. 70,000 homes are to be built in the city to address a critical housing shortage.

The development is all part of the cities initiative to create a better future and by taking advantage of scheduled projects like HS2, will pave the way for huge economic growth in Leeds.

With 70,000 homes to be built in the area it is believed they will meet the demands of an expected influx of 100,000 people into the city. This increase will take the population to over 860,000 in 2028. The planned development will create many more job opportunities which will thus draw more people to the Leeds area.

This is great news for ABi as it may create opportunities to supply and install new garage doors to property developers building these homes. The buildings will increase the demand for high quality garage doors to protect new cars and storage.

In the last ten years, ABi has worked hard with housing developers to ensure that new builds have the most energy efficient and secure garage doors. By using sectional doors to help homes create more space, and roller doors where appropriate, each housing estate can look great.

Leeds City Council’s chief executive, Tom Riordan commented on the proposals saying: “It will be, if it’s approved, the biggest development of housing outside London and the South-East, the biggest in the country,” Mr Riordan said.

“That single development in Leeds is the equivalent of a new garden city. But it won’t be an urban sprawl. It will be delivered in keeping with the federal nature of Leeds as a city…in a very sensitive way. I believe it will give us the growth we need, opportunities for business and economic success.”

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