Manchester’s Albert’s Schloss bar receive Hormann ALR67 Sectional doors from ABi Garage Doors

Manchester's Albert's Schloss bar Hormann Sectional Doors

ABi Doors has recently provided two, fully glazed, Hörmann ALR67 Thermo industrial sectional doors for the brand new Albert’s Schloss bar in Manchester.

Billed as a ‘Bier Palace & Cook Haus’ and situated in the heart of Manchester’s Peter Street, the Grade II listed building has recently received a £3.5 million conversion by the recently formed Mission Mars group. A dream team whose ranks include Joel Wilkinson and Adelaide Winter of the Trof Group and Revolution Bar founders Roy Ellis and Neil Macleod.

The Brief

Even after the completion of the project and numerous conversations with the developers it is still hard to work out exactly who to give credit to, but the idea of having large automated window sections appears to have been part of the plans for this project since its inception. The development team were looking for glazed sectional doors that would match the aluminium window system exactly. These would need to be fully automated so that the entrance side of the venue could be opened up completely. Both the garage doors and the installation would need to compliment the aesthetics of the project and also provide the highest levels of reliability, security and safety.

The Challenges

The new Albert’s Schloss bar was one of the most unique jobs we have ever undertaken in our 25 year history and as far as we are aware it is the first time industrial doors have been utilised for this type of project in the UK.

Whilst we have provided industrial doors for a number of different commercial projects in the past, the unusual nature of this particular installation presented a number of challenges. Most industrial doors are installed in locations where function would take priority over appearance. On this occasion however, the aesthetics were equally as important as the functionality of the product. We had to ensure that the doors would match the architecture and decor of the venue and also match the aluminium window system colour scheme and dimensions.

Industrial doors are often installed into large premises where there is adequate space and access to accommodate the door infrastructure and its installation. A suspended ceiling manufactured from reclaimed timber meant that any door gear and tracks would need to only take up a small amount of headroom above the height of the opening and any construction work and supporting infrastructure would have to take place without disturbing the ceiling. Seating had also been installed in the venue which was obstructing access to the openings and to the ceiling.

Albert's Schloss bar doors open

Our Solution

Following a number of meetings with architects, developers, windows companies and the owners, we carefully evaluated a number of potential door products. The Hörmann ALR67 Thermo sectional door was finally selected as it met all the relevant requirements and was the only product that would fit the aesthetic vision of the project.

The type of venue and its intended use required the doors to have the maximum amount of insulation and the ALR67 Thermo is available with a number of glazing options including Hörmann’s ‘Climatic double pane’ system which utilises double glazed sealed units of 26mm glass and provides a 65% increase in thermal insulation compared to standard double glazed panels.

The installation would all have to be staged very accurately as there were a large number of different contractors on site and we would need to liaise with a number of them and ensure their work schedule was not delayed.

Albert's Schloss Sectional doors double glazed

The Installation

The installation took place over 5 days. There were a large number of contractors on site installing anything from flooring and bars to lighting and kitchens, so we had to plan the work very accurately to ensure that everyone had the access they needed to finish their work on schedule. There were also some seating areas that had to be removed during the installation work and re-installed once the installation was complete. The opening dates for the venue were already booked so there was very little margin for error. Both doors were installed and commissioned as planned and the Albert’s Schloss Bier Palace & Cook Haus opened on time to rave reviews…

Manchester Confidential
‘The huge retractable street-facing windows are ‘the same ones found in the Lamborghini showroom in LA’

Manchester Evening News
‘The windows at the front of the building in both these areas have been modified to roll up into the roof opening the area up to outside’

Albert’s Schloss named Greater Manchester’s best bar by the Pub & Bar awards 2017
‘Albert’s Schloss Bavarian beer hall Albert’s Schloss opened in 2015 and quickly established itself as Manchester’s new party palace, with raucous entertainment at the weekends.’–12877344

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Albert's Schloss bar sectional doors installed
Albert' Schloss Bar recieve sectional doors