Deleting codes from SupraMatic series 4:

1.) Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button until ‘00’ is displayed

2.) Use the arrow buttons to navigate to menu 19 (display shows ‘19’)

3.) Press and release the ‘PRG’ button. The display should then show ‘00’

4.) Use the arrow buttons to select the desired option to delete as follows.

00 Back without deleting any codes
01 Radio codes only – hand transmitters / wall buttons etc
02 Bluetooth only – smart devices using the Hörmann Bluesecur app
03 Not used
04 Delete all devices – radio and bluetooth
5.) Once you have selected the desired option, press and hold the ‘PRG’ button for
approximately 5 seconds. The chosen option number should move to flashing rapidly
then revert back show ‘19’

6.) Use the arrow buttons to navigate to menu 00 (display shows ‘00’)

7.) Press ’PRG’ button to exit the menu

The display should now show a horizontal line to indicate the position of the door and the relevant
codes are permanently deleted from the unit.