Why choose a sectional garage door?

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Sectional garage doors are renowned for offering true quality in every respect. Whether you choose from our range of Hormann doors or those from other manufacturers, they are beautifully engineered and come complete with only the highest quality finish. For these reasons, sectional doors make a wonderful addition to any home.

So what are the best features of sectional garage doors?

For starters, sectional doors offer three levels of insulation and all-round weather seals keeping draughts (and debris) out, while saving energy and saving you money on your energy bills. Secondly, they help you save space through its vertical opening which allows you to park right up close to the door without fear of your car being knocked when the door opens.

Thirdly, sectional doors are known for the high level of safety and security. Indeed, all moving parts are enclosed and the doors are equipped with ‘push-away’ panel joints to prevent fingers from getting trapped (or worse) during operation.

In accordance with both UK and European laws, doors with electric operation are adorned with the CE mark as a guarantee of safety.

The multiple track rollers with which these doors are equipped hold them very securely in their tracks, where as the key-operated locks utilise solid locking rods, working in conjunction with the solid panels to hold the door very securely.

The vertical tracking and spring-loading also ensure the doors can be operated very smoothly with manual operation, as well as with a remote control opener.

Solid Investment
What our customers often don’t realise is that, such is the quality of doors supplied by Hormann, a sectional garage door should last you up to twenty years. Not only therefore can you have complete confidence that the door will possibly outlive your time at any one property, but it is also a valuable asset. At the point you want to sell your home, garage doors will add value and whilst you will probably never re-sell your garage door, they do retain their value.

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