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ABi Garage Doors in TV spotlight on ‘Restoration Man’

ABi Garage Doors Feature on Restoration Man TV Show
Imagine for a moment a 46 foot tall water tower in a rural setting. Now imagine turning that tower into a dream home full of modern fixtures and fittings. Well that’s exactly what Majid and Carol Nadry did – and the journey of their incredible work on the Walton Head Water Tower has now been featured on Channel 4’s hit TV show, The Restoration Man… and we were lucky enough to be part of the project!

Originally built in the late 1940’s to pump and supply natural spring water to residents of a neighbouring village, the tower – one of the last brick-built versions constructed – is situated near Pannal, Harrogate. Majid and Carol secured the seriously degraded property at auction, buying the tower from Yorkshire Water, along with the planning permission the company had previously fought hard to win.

Sectional garage doors on schedule for the show!

Mr and Mrs Nadry were keen to find a garage door that would give them a more usable space – so insulation and water tightness were at the top of their tick list. Meeting this requirement with its weatherproof seals on all 4 sides, plus the space-saving bonus of its vertical, rather than swing, movement, the Nadrys chose the Hörmann sectional door for their new single garage.

However, on a restoration project like this, looks were also an important factor; the way the horizontal lines complemented the vertical cladding, along with the ability to get a perfect colour-match with it too ended up sealing the deal.

Once the garage door had been decided, the Nadrys needed to find a dealer – they’d come across the ABi name before, so following some more research they decided to give us a call. Of course filming a TV show means that there’s a set schedule to meet, so we worked closely with the couple and their builder to ensure that all fittings, including the door frame, were all in the perfect place ready for a smooth and speedy installation.

Happy customers – great result!

While the overall building project went over budget, the couple were delighted with the outcome of all of their hard work – and we’re pleased to report that they were also delighted with ours, commenting: “The doors are sturdy and quiet. We haven’t had any problems and are happy with the service.”

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ABi Garage Doors Feature on Restoration Man TV Show Before
ABi Garage Doors Feature on Restoration Man TV Show After
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