Identify garage door springs
Please note: This article is for educational purposes only. We wouldn’t recommend attempting to install garage door springs yourself, as they are complicated mechanisms and can cause serious harm. Always hire an experienced professional to carry out the required work.

Sectional and up and over garage doors use springs to balance the door when opening and closing. Some roller doors use a spring, but it is solely for the safety mechanism. Side hinged, side sliding, and overlap doors do not use springs.

Understanding which type of spring is used on what type of door is not a straightforward task. In the UK, most garages are not built to a standard size, resulting in few garages using standard garage door sizes.

Useful tip: With that in mind, if you are currently considering building a garage, it’s worth speaking with a garage door expert to allow the garage to be built to accommodate a standard-sized garage door, as it will help keep the cost down.

Up and over garage door spring types

Up and Over Spring Types

The type of springs used on your garage door is determined by the brand, door type, and door weight, which, in turn, depends on the material used and the size of the door. Each garage door brand uses its own type of spring mechanism to allow the door to be opened and closed.

With this in mind, the type of door (e.g., Hormann up and over garage door) will have a completely different opening and closing spring mechanism than another type (e.g., Henderson up and over garage door).

We must also understand that there are currently two types of up and over garage door gear: canopy and retractable.

Canopy doors have a long spring across the top of the door (standing inside of the garage and looking out), while retractable doors have springs located on the left and right sides of the door.

Once we have determined the brand (e.g., Hormann), the type of door (up and over), and the door gear (retractable), we now understand that it is a Hormann up and over retractable garage door.

Now that we have this information, we can identify the spring required. Most brands will either have an engraved number on the spring or on the spring bracket to identify it. For example, Hormann up and over retractable doors use a multi-cluster spring down the sides of the door and have an engraved number on the spring bracket, such as 001, 002, or 003, depending on the weight, size, and material of the door.

Canopy door springs don’t usually have a spring identification number; they’re based on the size of the door. The label on the back of the door should state the door size along with the brand information. You can then contact a local dealer with this information, and they will be able to contact the manufacturer and find out which spring is required for that sized door.

Please note: Not all brands will have a spring identification number located on the spring. There should be a label on the back of your door with information regarding the door type. If it does not list the springs on the label, the only way to work out which spring you require is by taking a photo of the label and sending it to the manufacturer or a local dealer, and they will be able to confirm the spring required for the door.

In certain scenarios, if the door is very old or a discontinued brand, that information may not be available on the door. Sometimes the spring may be painted in a color to identify it (e.g., Henderson uses a green spring for its double up and over retractable door).

In the worst case scenario, if no information is present, you can measure the length over coils, count the number of coils, as well as measure the spring diameter and wire diameter to work out which spring you require.

Need help? We regularly identify springs for customers. If you gather all the information you can and contact us, we will be more than happy to help in any way we can. We also have a dedicated spares website selling garage door springs.

Sectional garage door springs

Sectional Spring Types
The same applies to sectional garage doors. A Wisniowski sectional will have a completely different spring mechanism compared to a CarTeck sectional.

Sectional garage door gear can be mounted to the front, side, or rear of the door. The front and rear mounted springs usually consist of two torsion springs on a single shaft bar. The side springs are located on the left and right sides of your door. Again, these can be identified using the same methods as mentioned above, through a spring identification number tag on the spring or the label on the back of the door.

You can identify the left or right handed spring by standing inside the garage and looking out. Although not an exact science as some older models of sectional garage doors had the left and right handed springs mounted in the opposite way. Usually the spring tag identifier will have L or R on the spring plate, in other cases the spring numbers might be listed on the manufacturer label on the back of the door. That’s why photo’s are always best practice.

Other considerations

Most brands that are discounted offer replacement pattern springs.

However, not all brands have pattern springs available. For example, Wayne Dalton springs may not be available in the UK, but they can be imported from the USA. Nevertheless, considering the cost of shipping and labor involved in replacing the spring, it may not be economically viable.

In general, retractable springs are easier to replace than canopy springs, as you may need to replace the entire shaft and assembly for a canopy spring, while only the spring or spring arm needs replacement for a retractable door.

If your garage door is old and in poor condition, it’s worth considering buying a new garage door.

You have the option to purchase a new door gear with springs. In this case, the original gear would need to be stripped from the door and replaced with the new one. However, this procedure can be quite expensive and might end up costing a similar amount to buying a new garage door, depending on what’s involved.

When in doubt, it’s best to contact a local garage door specialist to carry out the required work.