Resetting the Hormann Supramatic Series 2 Operator

Hormann Supramatic Series 2 Reset
Info Sheet: ABi001 – Resetting the Hormann Supramatic Series 2 Operator.

Please note: Make sure the emergency release is not engaged and the door is set to work automatically.

1. Turn on the mains power supply to the unit while holding down the ‘PRG’ button. Keep the ‘PRG’ button pressed untill the screen shows ‘C’.

2. Release the ‘PRG’ button and the display briefly shows ‘J’ then a slowly flashing ‘0.’.

Hormann series2 resetting the supramatic
The operator is currently set to ‘sectional type door’ if this is the type of door the operator is connected to carry on with step 6.

3. Use the up and down arrows to change the ‘0.’ to a ‘1’ – this selects the ‘up and over’ mode.

4. Hold down the ‘PRG’ button, the display changes to a solid ‘J’ then to a flashing ‘1’ – you can now release the ‘PRG’ button.

5. Hold down the ‘PRG’ button, the display should change from a flashing ‘1’ to a flashing ‘1.’ (note the ‘.’ in the bottom right).

Hormann series2 resetting the supramatic
6. Press and release the ‘PRG’ button. The display shows ‘1’ briefly then shows a slowly flashing ‘L’ to indicate learn mode.
Hormann series2 resetting the supramatic
7. Press the ‘UP’ arrow. The door will fully open and come to a stop.

8. Press the ‘DOWN’ arrow button. The door will fully close, then will automatically move back to the fully open position.

9. Press the ‘DOWN’ arrow button. The door will move to the closed position and back up to the open position automatically. It will then automatically move to the closed and open position one more time.

The display should now show a single red line at the top of the display to indicate it is in the open position.

The Operator is now fully reset.

View PDF instructions.

View more Hormann how to guides.

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Hi. I need to buy a new motor hormann supra matic e2 , as my previous one is broken down, due to lightening affection.
Please, could you advice, where can I buy from?
Sorry but I have been looking for this, without any effect.
Is it possible please to e mail me accordingly, but if not no problems.

Thank you very much in advance


Hi Lampros,

If you are local to Yorkshire we will be able to help. You can email

If you are outside of Yorkshire you will need to contact Hormann to confirm who your local dealer is: 01530 513000


Hi my Supramatic E2 doesn’t appear to be closing with enough force. It closes but the rubber seal at the bottom is not compressed so is not water tight. Is there anything you can recommend?


Hi Richard, you could try resetting the limits using the instructions above. If this didn’t work you may need an engineer to make some adjustments to the door gear.

Paul Hassell

Hi. I have a Supramatic e2 and it is stopping about a foot off the ground. Had someone out who has replaced springs and now says need a new motor but am not sure. Should I try a reset first. It is showing a fault 5 or S on the display. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks. Paul.


Hi Paul. A ‘5’ error code indicates that the door is too heavy for the motor. There can be a few reasons for this: 1)there has been a power cut and the door limits have been confused and needs a reset, 2) something has failed on the door gear, such as a spring, or 3) it means that the motor has failed and doesn’t have the power lift the door. If 3 is the issue then a new motor would be required.


Supramatic E3 has stopped working completely–not even a display when pressing PRG button.


Hi Jill, it sounds like your motor may have failed. You could test the socket it is plugged into to confirm this.


Hi, my hormann E2 was working absolutely fine and I think the wrong buttons had been accidentally pressed in the dark. This has resulted now in the remotes not working and the only way we can get the door to work is by using the buttons on the ceiling unit. I have tried to pair the remotes again. They work to pair but don’t operate the door. Is it something really obvious or have I lost the program settings. Any advice please as I’m stuck.


Hi Gavin, if the fobs are not pairing using the buttons on the motor it may be that you have an external receiver. This will be a small oblong box with a red button & LED at the end of it. If this is the case you need to press & release the little red button and then once the LED starts to flash press and hold the fob that needs a code. Hopefully this helps.

Mark richards

Hi there . I have a SupraMatic (Art.Nr 4510010 ). I believe Series 2 . Just a single Digital number.
When trying to reset to factory setting the chain has travelled passed the stop without the carrier attached. Is there a way of manually moving the chain backwards so that it can re-engage with the carrier please ? Many thanks


Hi Mark, if you move the catch over and attempt another reset sometimes you can jig it back into position. I would recommend an engineer if that doesn’t work as you may need to remove the head unit and adjust the limits manually.


worked. thank you


Hi, I have a Supramatic e which is now quite old but had worked fine up until today. Most of the guidance on YouTube seems to have two digit displays but mine only has a single digit. It is displaying a 4. Using the remote it goes up part way and stops and takes a number of ups and downs to get the door closed again. I would appreciate some suggestions please, Brian


Hi Brian, the series 1 had a single digit display. Error 4 is listed as ‘Internal error – Reprogramme the operator,
if necessary replace’
It could be worth trying to set the door to manual operation and checking that it operates freely without the operator. If it operates ok you could try and reset the limits:

Switch the control unit to the learn mode by pressing the PRG button to change to menu 1. A flashing ”L” now shows up in the display. Press the OPEN button to allow the door to open right up to its mechanical limit stop.
Proceed in the same way for the CLOSE button. After closing, the operator will reverse direction. The door system is then ready for operation.

Mr Andrew Smith

Hi – I have a Supramatic E2 whihc was being used in manual (U mode) for some time following a power cut. I did the reset yesterday and the door was working fine. All of a sudden this morning the garage doors have slightly opened to around 15 degrees or so for no reason. What would cause the doors to open by themselves? Many thanks in advance. Andy



Please can you try resetting the door again. Occasionally you may have to reset the door a couple of times for it to learn its start and stop positions correctly. Then try opening and closing the door after the reset from the remote control to make sure its opening and closing.


Mr Andrew Smith

Hi Daniel – I did exactly that but with a slightly different reset method I think as the doors did a lot more opening and closing by themselves. Touch wood all seems o.k so many thanks for your help. Do these systems have the option to add safety sensors?




Hi Andrew, Following Daniels comment, it sounds like the bottom limit maybe needed a slight adjustment and the door might have reversed on close and opened slightly. Resetting it again just adjusts the bottom limit again.
You can get additional photocells for this motor. You can order them from our spares website:

Andy Smith

Thanks Luke


Hi! I tried to reset the supramatic E2 for several times and it first came to C then F then E and finally stopped at U flashing . Possible to fix ?
Thanks !



It could possible be due to the motor has failed. I would suggest putting the door on manual mode ( and closing the door up and down by hand, making sure the door is operating as it should be and nothing is preventing it from opening and closing. If that checks out, you can then put the door back on to automatic and try resetting the door again, if the letter ‘U’ is presented again try pressing the up arrow. If that fails I’m afraid it’s most likely due to the motor has reached the end of it’s life.


Andy Smith

Hi Daniel. I have a couple of issues with my Hormann Supramatic E2. I did the rest you suggested and all fine. But firstly we have a pair of side hung doors so on the J setting do I select 0, 1, 2 or 3? None of the settings are exactly for side hung doors. Secondly I have the random opening issue. Either we have a neighbour on the same frequency or I wonder if the hot weather is enlarging the wood of the doors and they are being forced to release? Do I need to release the tension on the doors perhaps? Regards. Andy


You would normally select door type ‘3’ – If the door speeds need to be reduced, then
the corresponding settings should be made in menus 7 and 9.
The doors shouldn’t force open as the boom has a mechanical lock in it which should keep the doors locked closed. Are they bouncing back open on close? or are they opening once they have been closed for a while? In my experience 99% of ‘ghost’ opening is either a faulty wired switch or hand transmitter. If there are any wired wall buttons then it would be worth disconnecting these and also taking the batteries out of all the hand transmitters. It would then be a process of elimination, testing to see if the door stays closed then reactivating devices one by one. It would be extremely unlikely to have anyone else on the same code as they are rolling code with millions of variations. You could always delete all the codes from the head unit as a test.

Mr Andrew Smith

Hi Daniel. Yes there is a boom lock but this is simply an activation some hours later all by itself. No wall switch just the controls on the unit plus the remote. I did take the batteries out as I had heard that can happen. Initially the doors were sometimes only partially opening but the ‘ghost’ activation yesterday was fully open. On the previous occasion the unit was flashing the number 5 if that helps. How do I delete the codes? Regards, Andy


Hi Andrew, to delete all the codes from a supramatic 2 the instructions should be as follows:

1. Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button.
2. After a few seconds the display should show a ‘1’ then a flashing ‘L’
3. You can now release the ‘PRG’ button.
4. Press and release the ‘PRG’ button once –the display should show a ‘P’ then a flashing ‘0’
5. Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button until the small ‘dot’ at the bottom right of the display also starts flashing, then release the ‘PRG’ button.
6. Press and hold both the up and down arrow buttons until the ‘0.’ On the display reverts back to just the ‘0’ flashing without the dot illuminated.
7. Press and release the ‘PRG’ twice until the display shows ‘0’ ‐ after a few seconds the display will change to a line at the top of the display to indicate the door is in the open position and you have exited the programme mode.


To add hand transmitters to the supramatic 2:

1. Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button.
2. After a few seconds the display should show a ‘1’ then a flashing ‘L’
3. You can now release the ‘PRG’ button.
4. Press and release the ‘PRG’ button once –the display should show a ‘P’ then a flashing ‘0’
5. Press and hold the ‘PRG’ button until the small ‘dot’ at the bottom right of the display also starts flashing, then release the ‘PRG’ button.
6. Press and hold the button on the hand transmitter you want to code in to the head unit
7. The ‘0.’ On the display will start to flash quickly then revert back to just the ‘0’ flashing slowly without the dot illuminated. You can now release the button on the hand control.
8. Press and release the ‘PRG’ twice until the display shows ‘0’ ‐ after a few seconds the display will change to a horizontal line to indicate the door position and you have exited the program mode.


Wow, garage door has stopped about a foot off the ground for about 5 years – was finally thinking about getting someone in, but found this instruction.
Hey Presto, garage door now re-learnt and opens as it should do.
A great big thank you….


Hi, I have the Garador auto expert with the hormann remote. The battery went flat in the remote and after renewing the battery the door only worked from the button the motor. I have tried several times to reprogramme it from the receiver button, pressing it and then pressing a button the remote. Still not working, help appreciated!


Hi Tony, I am not familiar with that model of Garador operator. Do you know how old the unit is or what year it was installed? I will see if I can obtain the instructions.


I have reset my hormann supramatic garage door operator and it works but when i use the handset to open/close the operator shows a flashing “U”. and the handset doesn’t work.
Any suggestions please?


Hi Sandra, you may need to code the hand transmitter into the head unit. The method depends which series you have. It should say the exact model on the label at the side of the head unit.


Hi Martyn, Its not a fault I have come accross before and I cant think of any procedure that might rectify this issue. Why do you need to reset it, what does the system do when you try and operate the door after a few weeks without use?