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Composite Doors York

ABi not only supplies top-quality composite doors in York but also provides expert installation services. Our teams of skilled and experienced professionals ensures that your doors are installed with precision and care, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance.


Endurance Composite Doors

Your premier supplier and installer of composite doors in York

When it comes to enhancing the security, aesthetics, and energy efficiency of your home, investing in high-quality doors is essential. If you reside in the picturesque city of York and are in search of top-notch composite doors, look no further than ABi. With our expertise in supplying and installing composite doors for York and surrounding areas, ABi is dedicated to providing residents of York with superior products that blend functionality, style, and durability. Whether you require front, side, or back doors, ABi composite doors York is your go-to company for all your composite door needs.

Explore our composite styles

ABi acknowledges that every home is unique, and their composite doors are designed to complement diverse architectural styles. Whether you reside in a traditional Victorian home or a modern dwelling, ABi’s collection of composite doors encompasses a wide array of designs, colors, finishes, and decorative elements. Take a look below for our styles or use our door designer to create your door from scratch.

Modern Composite Styles

Modern styles

Browse our modern styles and design the perfect door that suits your property and taste, available in a huge range of colours and door hardware options.

Cottage Composite Styles

Cottage styles

We have a huge range of cottage styles to choose from the complement your property, take a look now for inspiration on your next project.

Traditional Composite Styles

Traditional styles

Create your traditional style door with bold or minimalistic colours, with a huge range of design options available you can create a magnificent entrance to your home.

Composite Doors

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We have a dedicated purpose built showroom demonstrating our composite doors, why not come down and visit us? We will be more than happy to talk you through the products and the door’s main features and if you have any questions we can answer them for you. You can also see a range of other products we have on display.

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Composite York FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

About composite doors

Why’s a composite door a great investment?

Investing in a new composite door in York offers numerous advantages, including enhanced security, improved energy efficiency, durability, low maintenance, aesthetic appeal, and increased property value. With its combination of style, functionality, and practicality, a composite door is a wise investment that not only enhances the overall look of your home but also provides long-lasting benefits for you and your family.

Are composite doors energy effiecent?

Composite doors are highly energy-efficient due to their insulation properties, which help minimise heat transfer and drafts. They are constructed with insulating materials such as uPVC and wood, along with weatherproof seals that prevent air leakage. Composite doors often have low U-values, indicating high resistance to heat flow. This energy efficiency leads to reduced energy consumption, lower bills, and a more comfortable indoor environment.

Do composite doors offer high security?

Composite doors offer high security due to their durable construction, multi-point locking systems, reinforced frames, and advanced locking cylinders. They are designed to withstand forced entry and provide a sturdy barrier against intruders. With features such as anti-snap, anti-bump, and anti-pick cylinders, composite doors offer enhanced protection against common break-in methods. Their security glass options further enhance their resistance to unauthorised access.

How do you maintain a composite door?

Composite doors require very little maintenance, to keep the door clean, wipe the door using a soft cloth with soapy water, avoid slamming the door, if the handle, lock or door becomes stiff to operate you can lubricate visible moving parts with a silicone based lubricant. Check the weather strips for any damage and touch up any scratches or chips in the finish.

Why buy a composite door from ABi composite doors York?

Composite doors York is an established family business that have been supplying and installing doors for decades we have a years of knowledge and expertise. We’re also endorsed buy Which? Trusted Trader and have CERTASS certification. Not only that we offer a great service from start to finish through our great communication and organisational skills. Why not try us for your next project?

Can you match my garage door with my composite door?

Yes, we provide a specialised service to match your composite doors colours, design and glazing with one our garage door products, take a look at our garage doors York page for more information on our garage door products or don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the matching doors process.

Are all composite door products the same?

No, you may have noticed there are many composite door manufacturers and all build the door using different methods, some are better quality than others. The composite door either uses a solid timber core or a PU foam core. We find the solid timber core is superior to the PU foam filled core. Also hardware and cylinder locks can be less or more secure depending on the manufacturer. We have spent a long time sourcing the best composite doors on the market to ensure you have the best security, insulation and construction methods available.

PDF Brochures

Composite Brochures

Discover more technical information, colours, designs and door accessories through our composite brochure.

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Peace of Mind

We’re accredited with CERTASS so you don’t have to worry, your installation is guaranteed. CERTASS is a trade body which regulates the industry to comply with building regulations.

Local composite installations near York

The primary purpose of a front, side, or back door is to safeguard your home and loved ones from potential intruders. At ABi composite doors York, we understand the importance of this and ensure that our composite doors are equipped with advanced security features, reinforced frames, multi-point locking systems, and anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick cylinders provide an impenetrable barrier against unwanted entry With our composite doors, you can enjoy enhanced security and peace of mind. Take a look at some of our installation work near, in and around York.