Matching Garage Door and Composite Door Install

Sage and Anthracite Grey are the perfect match for Halifax customer

Matching doors case study

When we talk about ‘matching doors’, we’re not necessarily talking about garage and entrance doors that are exactly the same colour. As this project proves, different shades can cleverly be incorporated to complement each other and create something truly unique. Read on to find out more.

The brief

Our Halifax-based customer reached out to us to upgrade their outdated garage and entrance doors. Though these were different colours, the garage frame did match the timber appearance of the front door, so the two complemented each other quite nicely as a pair. With both models being close in proximity, the homeowner wanted to keep this synergy and also replace their manual garage door with an electric one. With those two factors in mind, we got our thinking caps on…

Our solution

Let’s start with the garage. Delivering the most insulation and best weatherproofing on the market, Hörmann’s sectional doors remain one of our most popular choices. In this case they also have the added benefit of not swinging out like the customer’s old up and over model, which allows them to make full use of the space on either side of the door. In terms of the finish, we eventually decided on Anthracite Grey with subtle Sage inlays to match the greyish green Tyree composite door, which delightfully returned the favour with an Anthracite Grey frame of its own. As shown in the last pic, the door was finished in white on the inside to reflect the customer’s interior.

The installation

As always, the customer’s old models were promptly removed (and later responsibly disposed of) before we got to work on installing the new garage and entrance doors. Whilst sectionals aren’t the most straightforward type of garage door to install due to each panel needing to sync correctly with the operating system, we’ve been fitting them for almost 35 years now and therefore know exactly what we’re doing. The customer was left with two hand transmitters and shown how to operate their new door, and the installation of the composite door went as smoothly and efficiently as planned. Thanks to Endurance’s solid timber cores, the homeowner will benefit from an unparalleled level of security and performance for many years to come.

Available to customers in Halifax and across the wider Yorkshire region, our stunning range of matching doors promises to have something to suit every type of property imaginable. To find out what we’d recommend for yours, please feel free to contact us today.

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