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Roller Garage Doors
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Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are neat, tidy and are great if you want to save space in your garage, offer levels of insulation with a huge range of colours to choose from.

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Traditionally the mainstay of warehouse and fire station entrances, vertically rolling doors have become incredibly popular as domestic products in the last few years. Vertically rolling garage doors, or ‘roller doors’ feature a curtain that rolls into a coil or barrel, positioned above the garage opening. The vertical opening mechanism means that the door does not swing out when it is opening so you can safely park right up to the door.

Roller Garage Door Designs

Roller garage doors need to roll up into a coil at the top of your garage, because of this they’re limited to one design and are available in non – insulated and insulated horizontal laths.

Popular Colour Options

With single skin and insulated products available, roller doors are available in a large range of colour options, including textured wood grain finishes.

Safe, Secure and Convenient

As their name suggests, roller doors roll. This means that there is no door or tracks going back into the garage which can offer a very neat, tidy and space saving solution. This can be particularly useful if there are any obstructions or doorways in the garage or if you just want to make full use of the ceiling storage area.  They offer high levels of thermal protection, which is particularly useful if your garage is attached to your property, and are extremely secure.

Roller Key Features

Key Features

Maintenance Free
    • Roller garage doors require very little maintenance, never require to be painted and last for a long time.
    • Certified RC2 security equipment with anti lift mechanism, which automatically locks your door securely and protects it against forced entry.
    • Hormann roller doors are tested and certified in accordance with the high safety requirements of European standard 13241.
Long Lasting
    • All major door and operator components are developed and manufactured by Hormann and stress tested under real conditions.
    • Hormann’s operators are designed with speed & safety in mind, allowing you to easy access your garage door with ease.
Emergency Release
    • In case there is no other way into the garage we will install a manual release to access the garage in case of an emergency.
Roller Brochure

Roller Brochure

Discover more technical information, styles, designs and door accessories through Hormann’s sectional garage door brochure below.

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Raising Standards, Advancing Safety

We’re members of the Door & Hardware Federation and comply with the latest advice on safety and standards.

Reasons to choose Hormann’s roller garage door

Hormann’s roller garage doors are elegant , designed and engineered in Germany and come with a 10 year door warranty. Along with manually operated roller doors we can also supply fully automatic doors. All our automation products are covered with a 5 year warranty and feature the latest in automation technology. Options such as battery back-ups (in case of power failures) and automatic safety systems mean that an automatic roller door provides an extremely reliable, easy to use and secure garage door.

Installed behind the opening

Roller doors also have a unique advantage over other types of garage door, in that not only can they be fitted behind the garage opening, so they work with arched or angled construction shapes, but they can also be fitted externally. This means that they can be installed in openings that don’t have as much space to fit other types of garage door, providing the maximum drive through width and height.

Roller Fitted Behind Opening