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Electric Roller Garage Doors

Create ease of access into your garage with an electric roller garage door, with high security and manual over-ride options available.


About our electric roller garage doors

Space-saving, secure and easy to operate

As garage door suppliers across the UK, we help our customers choose a lasting solution for their homes that ticks all the right boxes. Our electric roller garage doors lift up with ease and tuck away neatly into a coil or barrel placed above the door. There’s no swinging door to navigate, or compromised space to work around. It’s why electric garage roller doors remain one of our most popular choices here at ABi.

How electric roller garage doors work

Not only does this type of door look attractive and come in sturdy and secure steel or aluminium, it’s also simple to use – operated with a remote control or button. They act like a vertical curtain in your space, with a series of horizontal laths that roll up as they lift. This means you don’t lose access to your roof space and can even park your car or bike right up to the door.

Roller Door Automation
Electric Roller Benefits

Benefits of electric roller garage doors

Our automated garage roller doors are the ultimate space-saving solution for your home, giving you full access to your garage. It’s why they’re often recommended for smaller spaces. Here are some of the top reasons we’d suggest choosing an automated garage roller door for your project:

Quick and easy to operate
Durable steel or aluminium in a range of colours and finishes
Reduce noise pollution, and can be insulated
Compact roll-up action for greater access
Add instant kerb appeal to your property
Built-in safety features, including manual over-ride

Our electric roller garage door brands

We help guide our customers on selecting their perfect garage door, every time. We stock from the likes of SWS and Garador – names with a trusted history, and often extensive warranties. And because we’re family-run, we’ll only ever suggest the names and products we use in our own homes.

Hormann Roller Doors


Discover our electric roller insulated garage doors by Hormann.

SWS Roller Doors


View our automatic SWS non-insulated and insulated roller garage doors.

Gliderol Roller Doors


Take a look at automatic Gliderol’s non-insulated and insulated roller doors.

Garador Roller Doors


Find out more about Garador’s electric insulated roller garage doors

Frequently Asked Questions

About electric roller shutter doors

Why choose an automated garage roller door?

This type of door gives you fast access to your storage without the need for manual intervention. Even better, our automated garage roller doors come with some impressive safety features.

Can I get an insulated garage roller door?

Our automated garage roller doors are also available insulated, which is ideal for customers looking to energy-save. They can also help regulate the temperature of your garage, great for people who use it as a functional space.

What about electric roller shutter door prices?

Costs do vary between our products, based on your needs and the size of the door, but we offer competitive prices that offer fantastic value for money. You can always talk to us to find out more about our prices, or if you need advice on finding a good deal.

Do you offer manual garage roller shutter doors?

Yes, we do. You can take a look at them here. If you’d like some advice on what’s best for you, our friendly, family-run business can help guide you on the right decision. Contact our team to find out more.

What happens if there’s a power failure?

All our roller door products are installed with an internal manual over-ride to operate your door manually as standard. If there is no other access to the garage, such as a garage side door, we will provide an external manual over-ride system for entry.

Roller Electric FAQ
Roller Brochure

Roller Door Brochures

View our range of electric roller doors through our brochure library to find out more information on our roller door products.

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Roller Door Types

Types of roller garage door

When it comes to picking a garage door, there’s lots to think about. Our wide range of electric roller shutter doors includes:

Products from leading brands, like SWS, Gliderol and more
Secure steel or aluminium construction
Insulated or non-insulated materials
Automated options, as well as manual
Single and double sizes for your garage space