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  • Hormann HST Decograin Side Sliding Garage Door
    Hormann HST Decograin

Side Sliding Garage Doors

Side sliding or ‘round the corner’ garage doors are suspended from a top track and, as their name suggests, slide open along an internal garage wall.

We can also fit a partition for the door to slide into, so you can still have full use of the garage wall, and with no door or tracks suspended under the ceiling, a side sliding door can free up the garage space considerably.

Side sliding doors require less headroom than other types of door and, because they fit behind the opening, can work well with different shaped garage openings. This also means you have the full width and height of the garage opening available.

Side sliding doors come in a huge range of design, colour and finish options and a number of products using various construction methods and materials are available. These include solid timber doors, aluminium curtains and fully insulated products.


Side sliding garage doors can be manually or automatically operated. A fully automatic door can be programmed to have a ‘partial open’ function which provides easy pedestrian access to the garage without having to fully open the door.

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