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Hörmann fully automatic Countess design retractable Plus door installed in Harrogate.

Hormann Up and Over Countess Retractable Plus

The Brief

We were approached by a customer who could not fit their vehicle through the garage opening. The garage had two existing single Henderson garage doors.

Our Solution

Unfortunately there is very little that can be done to increase the opening width of an existing garage door. In this case, the Henderson doors that were installed were no longer available and there was no option to install any other kind of door gear. After discussing a number of options with the customer, we decided to replace the right hand door with a new up and over door. The nearest match to the existing door was a ‘Countess’ design Hörmann up and over and by installing the door with ‘retractable plus’ door gear we could gain the extra drive through width needed. The system was automated with a Hörmann ProMatic remote control.


Hörmann up and over doors come complete with a matching steel frame so we needed to remove the old door and timber frame. The new door was installed in between the brick opening and finished with matching pvc.

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