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Steel Front Doors

If you’re looking for modern front entrance doors that won’t break the bank, secure and stylish steel front doors could be the ideal solution for your requirements.

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Thermo46 Steel Front Door

46mm insulated steel entrance door

Precision engineered panels, great insulation and secure locking systems.

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Thermo65 Steel Front Door

65mm insulated steel entrance door

Thermo65 offers a step-up from the Thermo46, with even higher insulation properties.

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Here are some of the key benefits of steel doors:

✓ High thermal insulation

With UD-values up to approx. 1.1 W/ (m²·K)* for the Thermo46 and UD-values of up to 0.87 W/ (m²·K)* for the Thermo65, the steel range offers excellent thermal insulation.

✓ Safe glazing

8mm thick laminated safety on the exterior of the insulated glazing provides strong security against intruders, if the glass is broken, the glass splinters are bound and stick to the plastic film on the inside.

✓ Locking system

The Hörmann Thermo46/Thermo65 steel front doors all come with multiple locking as standard. Optional break in resistant RC 2 security is available.

✓ Securing the hinge side

Thermo46/Thermo65 steel entrance doors are also secured on the hinge side, making it practically impossible to force the door open.