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Hormann 2004 Georgian design retractable plus door installed in Bradford

Hormann Georgian Up and Over Garage Door in White

The Brief

We were contacted by a customer who wanted to replace their existing manual up and over garage door. They were in the process of renovating the front of their concrete garage and wanted a new automatic door. Up and over garage doors come in two ‘flavours’ – canopy and retractable. Often older manual doors will be using canopy door gear. Canopy door gear is not as easy to automate and the mechanism required reduces the drive through height.

In this case, an automatic up and over door would mean replacing the existing canopy door with a retractable type mechanism. Unfortunately, retractable door gear reduces the drive through width slightly.

(For more information on canopy and retractable door gear see our full article here)


Our Solution

Hormann retractable up and over doors are available with ‘retractable plus’ door gear. With retractable plus gear the pivot arms are positioned higher on the frame, above the height of most vehicle wing mirrors. This effectively eliminates any reduction in drive through width. Installing a Hormann retractable plus door allowed our customer to have the Georgian design they preferred with a fully automatic system.


As the customer was renovating the front of their garage, we needed to make sure that the installation fitted in with the customer’s schedule. We removed the old canopy door and timber frame, replacing it with the fully automatic Hormann retractable plus door.

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