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Plans for a 47-acre waterside business park submitted to Wakefield council

City Fields Wakefield
Keyland Developments have recently submitted plans to Wakefield Council in a bid to redevelop the old Calder Vale sewage treatment works. The 47-acre ‘City Fields Waterside Park Business Hub’ would offer over 500,000 sq ft of space for offices and industrial buildings and form the primary employment element of the new 375-acre City Fields development.
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The UK’s Housing Crisis

The UK’s Housing Crisis

The Barker Review of Housing Supply

In March 2004 the Barker Review of Housing Supply published its final report. The report was authored by economist Kate Barker and detailed a number of recommendations based on some very thorough and excellent analysis. One of the recommendations was that the UK needed to build around 250,000 new homes every year to prevent spiralling house prices and a shortage of affordable homes. A line in the report’s Foreword reads: ‘A weak supply of housing contributes to macroeconomic instability, and hinders labour market flexibility, constraining economic growth’.
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Wakefield Council launch ‘Build Wakefield’ event to tackle housing shortage

Build Wakefield
Wakefield Council is aiming to build partnerships and support small to medium sized local developers in an attempt to tackle the current housing shortage. Starting with its ‘Build Wakefield’ event this month, Wakefield Council is engaging with developers and offering guidance on the latest planning and building control regulations, along with providing information about working with Wakefield Council’s Apprenticeship Hub and Wakefield College, to help their workforce in gaining new skills and support new employees.
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Hormann SPU F42 Industrial Sectional Door installed at underground car park BBC Leeds

Underground Car Park BBC Leeds
ABi Garage Doors recently installed a Hormann SPU F42 industrial sectional garage door at the BBC Leeds buildings in Leeds city centre.

The Brief

The BBC building in Leeds features an underground car park which had an ageing manual folding industrial door. The door was very big and heavy and as a consequence of the amount of traffic and difficulty in operating the door, it was opened each morning and only closed at the end of each day. The BBC wanted to replace the door with a fully automated product that would automatically open and close to allow vehicles in and out of the car park.
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Insulated Garage Doors, U-values and energy bills

Insulated Garage Doors, U-values and energy bills

In the past insulation was never really considered a big factor for a garage door. Doors were constructed from timber or single sheets of steel and they were designed to primarily fill a hole. Having gaps around a door was part of the design and not particularly unusual. Technology, construction methods and consumers needs have changed quite a bit since the early days of garage doors however, and there are now a large number of insulated and sealed garage door products on the market. So let’s take a look at what constitutes an insulated garage door and exactly what it has to offer.
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West Yorkshire Police warning to protect your garages

West Yorkshire Police Garage Doors

West Yorkshire Police recently launched their Darker Nights Anti Burglary Campaign. The campaign highlights the tactics that burglars use and reminds people of the simple steps we can all take to improve our home security and deter burglars from targeting our homes. Often overlooked, a garage door is an integral part of any homes security and there are a number of steps that can be taken to improve the security of your garage door.
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How to set up the Hörmann CTV 1 and CTV3 Digital Keypads

Hormann CTV Keypad

Info Sheet: ABi019 – How to set up the Hörmann CTV 1 and CTV3 Digital Keypads

The Hörmann CTV keypads are digital external keypads that allow a user to open and close their garage door (or any device that accepts a volt free relay impulse) using a 3 – 5 digit pin number.

The CTV1 has a single relay output and can control a single device and the CTV3 has 3 relay outputs, although only 2 can be used as direct control relays with the third relay providing additional options for the Hörmann automation systems. In this article we will focus on the direct control aspect of the devices and demonstrate setting up the units to open and close your garage door. Both the CTV1 and CTV3 are supplied with an external keypad and an internal control unit. The external keypad comes complete with a fixed cable of 5m. This can be shortened or extended up to 20m.
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